Weird Mythical Creature Found in Existence

In this list I’ve listed 15 Creatures that were believed to be myths. Some are found still in existence and some of these cryptid creatures are place in cryptozoology — the study of hidden animals lists and search for animals that still exists or presumed animals which existed, but now presumed extinct.

1) Okapi

Okapi or African Unicorn (



Okapi or African Unicorn was said to be only a myth until discovered in 1902 . Nowadays, Okapis are found in most local zoos. The image of an okapi is used by the International Society of Cryptozoology as mascot.


2) Kraken or Giant Squid

Kraken or Giant Squid (

Kraken or giant squid was thought to be a myth (sailors calls colossal and giant squids KRAKEN). They estimate the female kraken can grow up to 43 feet. In 2004, a giant squid was caught alive by a Japanese scientist.

3) Coelacanth


Coelacanth (wilkipedia)


Some studies thought that the coelacanth fish are extint since found in the waters of South Africa in 1938. Weighing 176 pounds and 6.5 feet long. This sea creatures were rediscovered in the waters of Tazmania and Indonesia.

4) Fur-Bearing Trout Fish

Fur_bearing Trout or Beaver Trout Fish (Wilkipedia)


Fur-Bearing Trout Fish (wilkipedia)

The fur-bearing trout fish also called Beaver Trout, this furry fish, have thick-fur-coat to keep them warm from the ice-cold waters in northern regions of North America. These species are also found in the waters of Canada, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana in 1929.

5) The Fur-Bearing Trout Lobster

Fur-Bearing Trout Lobster (BBC News)

The fur-bearing trout lobster or crustacean was found recently at the South Pacific.

6) Platypus


Platypus, is a mammal that lay eggs, with a feature of duck-beak, tail like a beaver. A platypus is a semi-aquatic mammal containing poison on its body. The platypus was once known as myth and become a laughing matter among the community.

Platypus (








7) Devil Bird or Ulama


Devil Bird or Ulama (


The Devil Bird or Ulama was believed to be a myth until it was rediscovered in 2001. It originated from i from Sri Lanka. Its shriek annoyingly like human sound is believed to a bad omen, a sign that a loved one might or will die.

8) Takahe


The Takahe birds found in 1898 was believed to be extinct unti it was found in 1948 by some expedition. It was said that Takahe community are existing in South Island. There are 224 estimated birds in existence and which are in captivity. The number should’ve been 225, but an employee of the Department of Conservation accidentally shot one takahe bird.

Takahe Bird or Fowl (








9) Bermuda Petrel

The Bermuda Petrel was believed to be extinct 330 years ago, but was rediscovered in 1951. The Bermuda Petrel shriek creepily similar with the Devil Bird’s cry. In 2005, they found around 250 Bermuda Petrels and the population is still growing.

Bermuda Petrel (Wikipedia)








10) Snipe Fowl


Snipe Bird ()


The Snipe Bird runs fast- it runs around the woods and make strange noises such as banging rocks together. This bird is very difficult to catch and it came from the family of the shorebirds. Hunters make a joke out of the snipes and known fowl’s errand creatures. It was known that snipes are extinct, but the creatures were later found out that to be in existence.

11) Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragons are myth and just a tale as always believed by the folklore, until in 1912 an expedition found out that Komodo dragons are not myths

Komodo Dragon (








12) Thylacine

Thylacine, also known as Tassie tiger, Tasmanian wolf or Tasmanian tiger- having a mix and resemblance of tiger and wolf. These creatures are from marsupial family. A thylacine have a pouch, it can open its jaw 120 degrees .It is found in Australia, Indonesia and Tasmania. The thyacien population are decreasing because they are hunt down for killing livestock in the community. The last existing Thylacine, named “Benjamin” was captured in 1933 and brought in Hobart Zoo but died in 1936.


Thylacine (








13) Tasmanian Devil

Tasmania Devil ()

The Tasmanian devil, a carnivorous marsupial found only in Australian Island state of Tasmania. It was known that Tasmanian devil are myth, but they found them existing, but are now considered endangered species, because Tasmanian devil faces tumor killing many of these species. Tasmanian devil are muscular and stocky built , it is as big as a dogs . It has black furs and red ears. Tasmanian devils have pungent odor when they are stressed. They also growl extremely loud and ferociously when eating their prey.

14) Glawackus

Glawackus Cat (Google image)

Glawackus Creature (google.image)

The Glawackus sketch first exposed, known as a myth or folklore by the lumberjacks in 19th century and early 20th century in North America. According to people who have seen the Glawackus, it looks like a combination of bear, lion and panther. Then it was again seen in 1939 in Glastonburry, Connecticut and also some in Frizzelburg , Massachusetts.

15) Giant Palouse Earthworm

The giant Palouse earthworm was last seen in 1897. It can grow up to 3 feet long. It was thought to be extinct, but again it was seen in 1980′s and the most recent is in 2005. The giant earthworm can be found in eastern Washington and Idaho. Some say if you want to see the 3 foot earthworm bring a shovel, because it can go deeper up to 15 feet. If you are going to try to check them out, you are advised to bring a raincoat to cover yourself, because these earthworms spits on people who tries to hunt them.


Giant Palouse Earthworm (


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