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We often come across images on the internet pertaining to big creatures. Often times when we see big animals, we usually ask ourselves, do these thing really exists? People can’t blame others for being skeptical about what they see on the web. After all with all the software out there that enables users to manipulate image, it is hard to tell which ones are real and which ones aren’t.

In this post we added the biggest animals that were authenticated (proven real) and were acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records.

1) Biggest Goldfish

World’s Largest Goldfish (oddful )

Bruce, Biggest Goldfish in Hong Kong (

Bruce, the biggest goldfish found in Hong Kong, measuring 16 inches long, raised in Hong Kong, and considered as Lucky Fish in Feng Shui believers.

2) Biggest Catfish

Biggest Catfish caught ( credit:

Biggest Catfish ( smartcoolpicture)

3) Biggest Lobster

Biggest Lobster

Biggest Lobster (

Biggest Lobster (coolthingsworld)

Biggest Lobster ( coolthingsworld)

4) Biggest Frog in the World

Conraua Goliath biggest Frog

Biggest Frog, Goliath Conraua frog ( greenearthfacts)


Goliath frog, Biggest frog in the world (greenearthfacts)

The Goliath frog (Conraua Goliath species) can grow as big as 33 centimeters (13 inches) in length, measuring from vent to snout and could be as heavy as 3 kilograms (81 pound), commonly found near Gabon in West Africa. Africans eat the Goliath frogs.

Goliath Frog, world’s biggest frog (qldfrogsasn)

5) Biggest Snail


Giant Tiger Snail, Biggest snail in the World (image credit: worldmustbecrazy)

The Giant Tiger Snail, inhabitant of Ghana, Africa can grow p to 18 centimeters of length and 9 centimeter in diameter.

6) World’s Biggest Jellyfish

Biggest Jellyfish images

Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, World’s Biggest Jellyfish (

Biggest Jellyfish in the world

The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, biggest jellyfish (

The Lion’s Mane jellyfish is commonly found near Australia and New Zealand sea and the biggest jellyfish recorded was in 1870 found in Massachusetts Bay, body measure with a diameter of 7 feet 6 inches (2.29 m) and the tentacles measures 120 feet (37 m) long.


7) World’s Largest Crocodile


Lolong, World’s Biggest Crocodile captured in the Philippines (balitapilinas)


longest and biggest crocs in the world

Lolong, Biggest Crocodile in the world, captured in Bunawon, Phippines ( balitapilipinas)

Lolong, was claimed recently by the Guinness Book of World Record, which was captured in southern Mindanao in Bunawan town. Lolong measured 21 feet (6 – 4 meter), and weighed 1,075 kilogram (2,370 pounds), and maybe eaten a missing farmer last July, 2011 and some water buffaloes.


Yai, Biggest Crocodile found in Thailand

Yai, Biggest crocodile found in Thailand

Yai, the 28 year-old crocodile found in Samuprakarn Farm, in Thailand was recognized as the biggest crocodile on June 28, 2000, measuring 6 meters in length and weighing 114 kilograms.
9) Biggest Squid

Biggest Squid

Biggest Squid ever caiught ( )


Biggest Colossal Squid in New Zealand

Biggest Colossal Squid in New Zealand ( mybasementblog)

The biggest squid in the world is the Colossal squid (Mesonynchoteuthis hamiltoni), with maximum measurement or 12 to 14 meters in length. The latest squid caught in New Zealand seawater, measured 10 meters, making it as the biggest squid ever seen.

10) World’s Biggest Snake

worlds largest snake

World’s Biggest Snake (` )


world's biggest snake swallows a whole pig

World’s biggest snake, swallow a whole pig, caught in Amazon Rain Forests (

11) Pepper the world’s Biggest Dairy Cow

Pepper biggest dairy cow

Pepper world’s biggest Dairy Cow (

image of pepper world's biggest cow

Peper, world’s biggest dairy cow (

Pepper, the 9 year-old cow, known as the “gentle giant”, is named the biggest dairy cow in United Kingdom with height measuring 6 feet 6 inches (1.95 meters), when standing or more than one ton in weight.

Biggest Cow in the world 2011

World’s Biggest Cow 2011 (


worlds biggest blue belgian cow

World’s Biggest Blue Belgian Cattle

The Belgian-blue cattle, is a breed of oxen or cow, which the mutation of the gene a protein known as “myostatin”, which helps regulate the growth of muscles, resulting to firmed and mass muscles.

12) World’s Biggest Cow Horn

Biggest cow horn

World’s Biggest Cow- Horn (unusualthings-blogspot)

World’s Biggest Cow Horn ( unusualthings-blogspot)

13) World’s Biggest Hamster

Biggest Hamster with Lovely owner

World’s Biggest Hamster (

Hamford the Great, from Ostersund, Sweden is the biggest hamster recorded measures 73.6 tall, 78 inches wide and 200 inches in length.

14) World’s Biggest Capybara

Caplin Rous, biggest Capybara

Caplin Rous, world’s biggest Capibara Pet (

Caplin Rous, is a 2 and a half year-old Capybara, weighing 100 pounds, living with her owner Melanie Typaldos in Buda, Texas.

15) World’s Biggest Hare

Biggest Rabbit

Herman, Biggest pet Rabbit ( flixya)

Herman, a German Giant breed rabbit, could have the title of world’s biggest rabbit, weighing 7.7 kilogram, his ears is 21 centimeters long and almost 1 meter long. But the Guinness World Records, stopped accepting entries, for fear of overfeeding their pets and causing pets to become obese.

Biggest Continental Giant Rabbit breed

Biggest Continental Giant rabbit breed (

Darius wolrd's biggest rabbit

Darius, World’s Biggest rabbit (

Darius, was claimed world’s largest rabbit measuring 4 feet 3 inches, from nose to tail. Darius is a continental Giant breed.


Amy the biggest Hare 81.5 cm

Amy the Biggest Hare, 81.5 cm (

Amy, the Continental Giant rabbit breed, measuring 81.5 cm, died of heart failure after traveling from Worcester to Milan, before Amy’s TV appearance.

16) World’s Largest Parrot

Kakapo Parrot

Kakapo Parrot, World’s Biggest Parrot (


Kakapo Parrot, is the world’s largest parrot and inhabitant of New Zealand and are now extinct. But the Maori tribe hunts Kakapo for it’s meat.

17) World’s Biggest Dogs

Strongest Dog images

World’s Strongest Dog (

World’s strongest and biggest dog is from Russia.

Gibson, Harlequin Great Dane Dog

Gibson with owner images

Gibson, the Harlequin Great Dane Dog, world’s biggest dog ( judgemental-blogspot)

Gibson, is a Harlequin Great Dane dog breed, was named the world’s tallest and biggest dog, 42.2 inches when standing on all four legs. Gibson is now living with his owner in Grass Valley, California.

George, World’s Biggest Dog

George, giant dog

George, World’s Biggest Dog (

George, world’s biggest dog from Arizona, weighs 245 pounds. He holds the title of Guinness World Record of World’s Tallest Dog.

Kell, World’s Biggest Dog

Kell the biggest mastiff dog with owner

Kell, World’s Biggest Mastiff Dog ( fungurilla)

Kell, an English Mastiff Dog, recorded as the world’s biggest and heaviest dog breed. He didn’t get the title of World’s largest dog although he weighs 286 pounds in 2001,because his neck is 32 inches broad, while winner Hercules is 6 inches smaller.

Other World’s Biggest Dogs

Biggest Lion dog with lady owner images

World’s Biggest and Heaviest Dog, Mastiff Breed (funage-blogspot)


Biggest or largest dog with other dogs and owner

World’s Biggest and Tallest Dog (


Boomer, 180 pounds Landseer Newfoiundland dog

Boomer, 180 pounds and 7 feet long, Landseer Newfoundland breed dog (

18) World’s Biggest House Cat

Dubya 65 pound cat

Dubya, World’s Biggest house cat ( epikes-09)

Dubya, the 5 year-old house cat is the world’s biggest cat weighed 65 pounds.

World's Biggest Cat

World’s Biggest Cat (lovelywallpapers4u)

Himmy Cat

Himmy, World’s Biggest Cat ( gottapic)

Himmy, world’s biggest cat died of respiratory failure at the age of 10, on March 12, 1986 from Australia. Himmy weighed 46 pounds 151/4 ounce (neck measurement: 15 inches, waist is 33 inches and 38 inches in length.

World Biggest Cat with owner zooguru

World’s Biggest Cat ( animalzoguru)

19) Biggest Spider

worlds biggest spider

World’s Biggest Spider ( epikes09)

World Biggest Spider India news

World Biggest Spider (

The Goliath bird-eating Spider, are the largest spider, non toxic to humans and safe to be your pets.

World biggest spider with ballpen

Goliath Bird-Eating Spider, World’s Biggest Spider ( cutehomepets)

Worlds biggest spider on hand

Goliath Bord-eating Spider, World’s Biggest Spider (


20) World’s Biggest Crab

Varanger King Crab, World's biggest crab

Varanger King Crab, World’s Biggest Crab (

biggest crab 2008

World’s Biggest Crab in 2008 record (sarawarkiana)


Biggest Crab dec 19 2006

World Biggest Crab in Australia, recorded on December 19, 2006 ( sarawakiana)


big Coconut-Crab

World’s Biggest Crab, Coconut Crab, and still growing (

Biggest coconut crab in the world

Coconut Crab, World’s Biggest Crab (

The Coconut crab, Birgus latro, is a nocturnal and largest arthropods in the world. Found in coastal regions of Indo-Pacific Islands.

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