Weird Human Fears: Phobia

What is phobia? Maybe every human being have their fears in life; but there are fear that is so intense cannot control the fear inside us and most of the time we freak out or jump high on chair at the sight of what we fear of. Phobia and fear may developed during childhood and some as they grew up into adulthood. Terror, fright and overwhelming fear is what we feel when our phobias attack us. Maybe by helping ourselves, we can overcome our fears and phobia and maybe with the help of a Psychiatrist. We should control ourselves from this fear. What are your fears? Do you have this phobias?

1) Fear of Darkness – Achluophobia or Nyctophobia


Dark Room (yahoo.image)


2) Fear of Night – Noctiphobia


Fear of Night (Noctiphobia) Wilkipedia

3) Fear of Sunlight – Heliophobia

Fear of Sunlight (Heliophobia) yahoo.image

Fear of Sunlight (Heliophobia) yahoo.image

3) Fear of Blood – Hemophobia/ Hematophobia

Fear of Blood (Hemaphobia or Hematophobia)

4) Fear of reptiles – Herpetophobia

Fear of Reptiles (Herpetophobia) yahoo.image

Fear of Reptiles (Herpetophobia) Wilkipedia

5) Fear of Fish – Ichthyophobia

Fear of Fish (Ichthyophobia) yahoo.image

6) Fear of Frog – Batrachophobia

Batrachophobia -Fear of Frog (yahoo.image)

7) Fear of Mice -Musophobia

Fear of Mice – Musophobia (Wilkipedia)

8) Fear of Bee – Apiphobia

Fear of Bee – Apiphobia

9) Fear of Spider – Arachnophobia

Fear of Spider- Arachnophobia (Wilkipedia)

10) Fear of Worms – Scoteciphobia

Fear of Worms – Scoleciphobia (Wilkipedia)

11) Fear of Flowers – Anthophobia

Fear of Flower – Anthophobia

12) Fear of Being Alone- Cremophobia

Fear of Being Alone- Cremophobia (Wilkipedia)

13) Fear of Corpse/ Dead Person – Necrophobia

Fear of Corpse or Dead Person -Necrophobia (yahoo)

14) Fear of Injections – Mysophobia

Fear of Injections- Mysophobia (Wilkipedia)

15) Fear of Lightning and Thunder – Keraumophobia/Astramophobia

Fear of lightning and thunder – Keraunophobia (yahoo.image)

16) Fear of Heights – Acrophobia

Fear of Heights – Acrophobia

17) Fear of Fogs – Homichlophobia

Fear of Fogs – Homichlophobia

18) Fear of Crowd – Demophobia or Ochlophobia

Fear of Crowd – Demophobia/ Ochlophobia

19) Fear of Clouds – Nebulaphobia/ Nepophobia

Fear of Clouds – Nebulaphobia/Nepophobia (Wilkipedia)

20) Fear of Flood – Anthlophobia

Fear of Flood – Antlophobia

21) Fear of Shadow – Sciaphobia

Fear of Shadow -Sciaphobia (yahoo.image)

22) Fear of Empty Space- Kenophobia

Fear of empty Room/Space – Kenophobia

23) Fear of High Places – Hypsipphobia

Fear of High Place – Hypsipphobia (Wilkipedia)

24) Fear of Dogs – Cynophobia


Fear of Dog – Cynophobia (Yahoo.image)

25) Fear of Cat – Ailuphobia

Fear of Cats – Ailuphobia (yahoo.image)


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