Weird Human Mysteries

We live in a world full of mystery, superstitious beliefs, supernatural and phenomena. And I always ask myself, what is life, without weird and strange things that we have to deal with, in our daily activities? Life will be boring, so come and explore with me.

1) Faith Healers/ Spiritual Healers (Philippines)


Faith Healer Performing Surgery by Hands(Wilkipedia)


In the Philippines there are many faith healers performing surgery by their bare hands. They claimed that it is your faith that heals you, and that they are only instrument of the Holy Spirit.If you are not healed, its because you lacked faith.


Father Fernando Suarez-Spiritual Healer (Wilkipedia)

Father Fernando Suarez, a Catholic priest from Batangas, Philippines, but recently based in Canada, is a famous healing priest performing healing in the Philippines and all over the world. A colon cancer patient from Pampangga, Alberto Tapnio, 39 years old was dead on arrival in a hospital; Father Fernando Suarez blessed the dead patient and the crowd were startled clapping, praying and shouting when Tapnio revived from electric shock, but then died after 4 hours.

2) Entrancing Healer

Entrancing Healers(

Many Shamans practicing spiritual performance was discovered hoax using hand tricks. But some entrancing healers can pull out molars with bare hands or pull out eyeball and “replace” with new eyeballs. In the Philippines, entrancing healers can dematerialize and materialize matters.

3) Psychic Surgeon

Psychic Surgeon (

Psychic surgeon uses tools in performing surgery and use anaesthesia; unlike the entrancing and faith healers performing surgeries with their bare hands.This Psychic Surgeons are found in the Philippines and Brazil, were most people believe in the spirits.

4) Spontaneous Human Combustion


Spontaneous Human Combustions (



Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) yahoo.image


Spontaneous Human Combustion or SHC, would expose this mystery; the preheated crematoriums the surface heat is about 1837.4 degrees Farenheit, according to studies the human body is very difficult to burn it takes one to two hours to burn body tissues and human skeletal or bones to ashes. Victims of this disastrous SHC are usually found in liquid form and it means the human body had to burn at temperature of exceeding to 2998 degrees Farenheit. In most SHC victims not the whole body is burns and burned marks are visible to the other parts of unburned body.

5) Fire Starter


Fire Starter (

Leidenfrost Effect, a phenomenon in which liquid produces insulating vapor with a mass of significantly and extremely heat resulting the liquid from boiling point rapidly.This is a practice of mind over matter. A blacksmith from Maryland, Nathan Coker, who could hold on a metal, drink molden lead, stocked in his mouth until until it forms into solid form and become like red hot coal. Coker’s skin has no sign of burn marks, and for over the years of handling or exposed to fire he was so tough to keep him from feeling burn. Also A.W. Underwood set his handherchief itno flames by just blowing it and this spectrum called Pyrokinetics attracts or can produce fire.

6) Dowsing


Dowsing Technique (Wilkipedia)



Dowsing (Wilkipedia)

In the 15th century dowsing was used for searching minerals, water, metals and other substances by using divining rods underground. The dowsers make subconscious movements with their hands, forcing the rods to shake and dip, indicating they found substances underground. Dowsers have the ability to sense like extrasensory perception (ESP)location of magnetic field.

7) Bioelectricity


Bioelectricity (



Matrix a Kind of Biolectricity (Wilkipedia)


There are people being electrically charged or magnetize, and the result of electromagnetic effects on objects surrounding them. In some cases there allergy effects to technology and hardto emit too much of the electrical and magnetic charges. In some case of person with electrical and magnetic charge can lit a bulb by holding it.

8) Bioluminiscene


Bioluminiscene (

Female Lampyris Noctiluca Bioluminiscene (Wilkipedia)

Flying and Glowing Bioluminiscene (Wilkiipedia)

Bioluminiscene in some cases are from ill patients, like Anna Monaro, who was very ill with asthma and after several weeks, a blue light glowing emit from her chest while she was sleeping. Hereward Carrington, author of the book “Death: It’s causes Phenomena”, wrote an article in his book that the “body of a boy radiating a blue glow after his death of acute indigestion.” Just recently Japanese researcher, discovered that our human body glimmer and light emit about 1000 times lower. During daytime, the light fluctuates, and become brighter in the afternoon and become dim on nightime. The skin around our mouth during the day lightens.

9) Levitation

Levitation (

Sylar Levitates Shards of Glasses (Wilkipedia)

Levitation is the act of power to float, and usually performed by magicians, like David Blane and one famous is D.D. Home, and even Harry Houdini tried to duplicate Home’s ‘tricks’ and commented that Home is really not a hoax. Home a famous and well known medium in 1868, floated in and out of the window in one of his seance (attempting to communicating with spirits),one of the most incredible act of D.D. Home.

10) Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) (

A person with extrasensory perception or ESP, can gain information with the use of sense that can’t be explained by science and the person is said to be “gifted” because of having five or more senses. They can sense the force of gravity, pro-prioception (muscular position), and can feel it in your head’s angle while your eyes are closed. In most cases person with ESP covers their left senses.

11) Prophecy

Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus) Wilkipedia

Prophecy of Nostradamus (Wilkipedia)

Michel de Nostredame, or famously called Nostradamus have many prophecies or Delphic oracles, when interpreted in manners and this predictions includes; Great Fire of London and the rise of Adold Hitler. Nostradamus do not clearly express and have hidden and mystifying meaning in each predictions and leave them with open for interpretation.

12) Psychokenesis or Telekenesis

Edouard Isidore Buguet Telekenesis 1875 (Wilkipedia)

Psychokinesis or telekinesis can moved things using mind over matter, a study of phenomena and also part of parapsychology. Edouard Isidore Buguet, is one famously known for this gift of phenomena.

13) Fortune Teller

Rameses Fortune Telling Card (Wilkipedia)

Gypsy Witch Cards (Wilkipedia)

Carreras Fortune Telling Cards(Wilkipedia)

Crystal Ball Reading (Wilkipedia)

There are lot of fortune tellers in the world, in Asia is the most common and popular with card reading and crystal ball reading. They claim that they can predict one’s future by reading palms, cards, crystal balls, rings, or using numbers and it is up to us if we believe this. And it is already common to us that this ” fortune tellers” are accepting payments or ‘donations’.

14) Extraterrestrials or UFO


Many have claimed they have close-encountered with extraterrestrials or UFOs but no one has given proof or pictures of the actual aliens. So it remains to be mysterious and have to be proven.

15) Acuppuncture (Needles used for treatment by Chinese)

Acupuncture of Needles (China)

Acupuncture or act of needle punctures in some vital parts of the body, introduced by Chinese, and treat many kind of human illness. Only professional acupunturist could perform this, because according to some, if you mistakenly puncture one vital part may cause fatal to the patient.

16)Healer of India

Weird Healing of Baby in India (

Jamun Yadav, 50 years old consider himself a demigod of Hindu Faith that can channel and transfer divine energy through his feet. By standing on the throat of young children suffering from average colds, that he could heal them with the consent of the parents. Yadav was arrested for this act of healing his patients. (It was not reported if there was fatality in this healing session of Yadav.)

17) Caste in India, outcasts an Untouchable Woman

Untouchable Women of India (

Parsanta Pawar, a woman from Mangrul, Chavala Village was “thown away” by her villagers in their community and that includes her husband. Old traditions of ‘die hard’ believers of division of caste in India is the reason for this rude and mean treatment for Pawar. Pawar was believed to have a heated argument with Ram Halde, a visiting Educational Officer, and learned that the community of Chavala fetch water from the deep-well owned by school property and resulted to argument between Pawar and Halde and pushed Pawar. Pawar reported the incident to the police station, but Chavala community was more worried because of the belief of Pawar was touched by a caste from other community.

18) Dwarf Community, Kunming China


Kingdom Of Little People, Kunming China (

Dwarf Community Kunming,China (

Dwarf Empire Staffs, China (CNN.NEWS.COM)

No longer content with being discriminate and be a laughing stuffs of the society they build their own kingdom, have theri own police force to protect them. But this has become not just a safe haven for the community, but as they began representing themselves to the tourists, they earned a living and design their homes like mushrooms and wearing costumes copying from the fairy tales.

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