Unusual Insects -Weird Insects

We seldom see the beauty of weird insects or unusual insects. They might be creepy looking to many of us, but we can’t deny the fact that they are fascinating in their own little way.

Insects are small terrestrial invertebrate of Phylum Arthropoda, consisting of protective hard exoskeleton. The insects have the largest group of species than the animals living on earth, and that includes the continuing researches of new found species of insects. The exoskeletons consist of hard, thin, or plates made of chitin, the semitransparent and main component of exoskeletons of the arthropods, crustaceans and insects. There are various classifications of insect group species:

1) Hymenoplera : Ants, Bees, wasps, sawflies

Red Imported Fire Ants (

Red-Harvester ants (


Virgin Queen-Bulldog Ant (

Bulldog ants, commonly found in Australia and known for aggressive behavior and powerful stings and have the potential of their venom to cause anaphylactic shock to its victims.


Maricopa Harvester ants or yellow Harvester ants

The Yellow harvester ants also known as Maricopa harvester ant, commonly found in Arizona, USA. The maricopa ant’s venom is believed to be the most toxic and should be treated immediately. The maricopa ant’s nests are commonly found in fine sandy hill area.


Bee Squirt

Japanese Honeybee


Bee (apis) (


Queen Bee (


Asian Giant Hornet bee


Japanese Giant Hornet Bee (


Horntail Wasp (


Megarhyssa wasps (female) (


Parasitoid wasps ( http://en..org/wiki/Wasp)

Parasitoid wasps helps control population of agricultural pests.



Sawfly larvae (http://en..org/wiki/Sawfly)


Sawfly ( http://en..org/wiki/Sawfly)

2) Phasmatode

Australian Stick Insect (head) ( http://en..org/wiki/Phasmatodea)


Phasmatodea walking stick ( http://en..org/wiki/Phasmatodea)


Longest walking stick found in Borneo ( http://ph./images)


Leaf Stick Insect

Carausius Morosus Long Walking stick

3) Mantodea

Praying Mantis or Chinese Mantis

Hooded Praying Mantis

4) Snakefly (Raphidioplera)




Snakefly (

5) Neuroptera (Netwinged insects such as: Antlion, lacewings, mantidflies)

Antliom (Neurophera ) (


Lacewing insects


Lacewing (Nothochrysinae)

Lacewing (Apochrysinae)

Green Lacewing (Chrysopidae)


Mantidflies (

Owlfiy (

6) Diptera (Fly or True Flies/ Drosopphila or Fruitfly/ horsefly/deerflies)

Diptera flies


Diptera Fly

New found species of Diptera


Greenbottle Diptera fly

Bombyliid Fly Diptera

Drosophila or Fruit Fly



Horseflies in the order Diptera of Tabinadae family, known as pests because of their painful bites.

Tabanid fly or horsefly

6) Lepidoptera ( Butterflies and Moth)

Gypsy Moth

Gypsy Moth Caterpillar

Gypsy Moth



Great Orange-tip Butterfly


Caterpillar of Great Orange-Tip


Great Orange-tip Butterfly (

Dryas Iulia Butterfly


Dryas Iulia Caterpillar


Dryas Iulia Butterfly

Actias Selene /Actias Luna Butterfly

Actias Selene Caterpillar


Actias Luna Butterfly in Florida


Hairy Caterpillar in Costa Rica Hairy Caterpillar

Pasture Day Moth

Pasture Day moth Caterpillar


Pasture Day Moth

Saddle Back Caterpillar

Saddleback Caterpillar

Limacodidae Moth

Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillar / Regal Moth

Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillar ( Hickory Horned Devil/


Horned Devil Caterpillar


Regal Moth

Old World Swallowtail Butterfly

Old World Swallowtail Caterpillar

Old World Swallowtail Butterfly

7) Thysanura (Silverfish insects )Wingless Insects:

Silverfish insect




8) Ephemeroptera (Mayflies, dragonflies, Zygopthera damselflies)








9) Grylloblatidae (ice crawlers, recent found gladiators, mantophasmatidae)

Mantophasmatidae (gladiators or ice crawlers)




Hemilobophasma Montaguensis

10) Parapneuroptera

Parapneuroptera (

Bark lice

Bark Lice (

11) Endopterygota

Endopterygota or Holometabota (

Scorpionflies or Mecoptera ( http://en..org/wiki/Mecoptera)

Fleas (

12) Coleoptera

Elasmucha Grisea Shield Bug

Green Shield Bug

Green Shield bug

Acanthosomas Haemorrhoidale shield bug




Stink bug (Scutelleridae)

Jewel Bug

Stinkbug Tessaratomidae


Madecassia Rothschildi

Temognatha Attenuata Jewel Beetle ( Temognatha Attenuata Jewel Beetle )

Weevil Bugs

Boll Weevil


Giraffe Weevil

Green Weevil

13) Fireflies


Firefly Purdue

14) Glowworm



Common species related to firefly and common glowworm.

Lampyris Noctiluca

Lampyris Noctiluca Luciole

15) Cottony Scale Insect (Icerya Purchasi)

Icerya Purchasi

Scale Insects

Scale Insect

Scale insect


Fulgoris Honduras scale insect

Scale insects are parasite of plants and sap drawn from the plant are their means of food.

Calico Scale wood pests insect

16) Spiders (Arachnids)

Tarantula Moulting process

Brazilian Tarantula in attacking position


Brazilian Wandering spider (toxic)


adult Female Tarantula

Latodectus Black Widow spider

Lynx Spider

Argiope Spider

Yellow Garden Spider, zig zag web


Goldenrod spider imitating flower

17) Anopheles (mosquito)

Aedes Aegypti Mosquito, vector of Dengue Virus

Aedes Albopictus mosquito, Chikungunya fever virus carrier


Anopheles Albimanus mosquito, Malaria virus carrier

18) Pyrops Candelarius

Pyprops Candelarius

Pyrops Candelarius is a specie of lantern fly commonly found in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

Planthopper mimics a leaf (mimesis)


Fulgora Planthopper

Fulgora Planthoper

Fulgora planthopper is commonly found in the region part of Brazil.

Enchopora Sanguinea planthopper

19) Scorpions

Fattail Scorpion

Fattail scorpion are the most toxic and dangerous species found in the Middle East and Africa, known for its neurotoxins venom and caused fatality.

Bark Scorpions or Centruroides

Venomous species that can be found in North America.

Hottentotta Scorpion

Deathstalker or Leirius Scorpion (

Deathstalker scorpions are found in North Africa, West Africa and Middle East, and bites can cause human death.

Buthidae scorpion or thick-tailed scorpion

20) Arthrophods


Scolopendra cingulata



Scutigera coleoptrata Centipede


Sonoran Desert centipede found in Mexico



Milipede Glomeris Marginata


Millipede Harpaphe Haydeniana

Other Insects:



Planthopper, Issidae family


Issidae planthopper


Eurybrachyidae Planthoppers


Treehopper Indonesia


Treehopper Marcianto




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