Unusual Body, Facial and Dermal Piercings

Piercing like tattooing is a form of self expression for many and for some it is a form of representing their traditions and beliefs. So when do we consider body, facial and dermal piercing unusual? I guess you’ll be the judge.

Body piercing is a kind of body modification wherein certain areas of the skin are punctured or cut. Thus, making an opening to in the human skin to be able to insert jewelries and other accessories. to make an opening on the human skin to insert jewelries or accessories of their choices. These ancient practice are based on Archeological and Anthropological studies and true facts.

Lip plate piercing in a Mursi woman (images.search.yahoo.com)

An ancient mummy was discovered wearing earrings that had existed for more than 5000 years according to studies. Nose piercing existed way back in 1500 BC, and the lip and tongue piercings existed in African, Native American and Asian tribal culture and religious practices and beliefs. The nipple piercing was an old practice in ancient Rome; the genital piercing (ouch) was practiced in India culture, and the navel piercing had no based facts of origin, but already seen on belly dancers in the Middle East cultures. In some tribes the lip plate piercing or earlobe plate piercing are cultural customs like the Mursi woman in Africa.

Lip plate piercing on Mursi woman (Wikipedia)

1) Brent Moffat

Brent Moffat most pierced with surgical needles (Wikipedia)

Brent Moffat, is a Canadian originally from Winnepeg. He’s known as The Human Pincushion. He set the world record in January, 2003 for most body piercings in one session.

2) Kam Ma

Kam Ma, extreme body piercings (images.search.yahoo.com)

Kam Ma set the record of most pierced man with 1,105 temporary metal rings in 2006 within 7 hours and 55 minutes. In May 29, 2008 he was succeeded by Robert Jesus Rubio as most body piercing with long surgical needles inserted to his body.

3) Wei, Chinese Man pierced 2008 times

Chinese Man pierced 2008 times (images.search.yahoo.com)

Wei, the 60 year-old acupuncturist, previous 2004 record holder for Guinness Record of 1,790 needles and now he broke the record of 2,008 needles pierced in his head, face, arms and chest showing his patriotism and support for the China Olympics. I guess this is too much of a Chinese Acupuncture, don’t you think?

4) Elaine Davidson, Most Pierced Woman

Elaine Davidson (Wikipedia)


Elaine Davidson (Wikipedia)

Elaine Davidson, tongue piercing (images.search.yahoo.com)

Elaine Davidson, a former nurse born in Brazil and presently residing in Edinburgh, Scotland, set the record as the “Most Pierced Woman” according to Guinness World Records and had total 6,725 facial and body piercings as of March, 2010 record. Elaine Davidson never used drug or not even drink.Who knew she’s basically living a clean life– good for you Ms. Davidson.

5) Flesh Hook Suspension Piercings

Basically suspension piercings are performed as a ritual. These are actually done by professionals so don’t try it at home (don’t even think of using your dad’s fishing rods and hooks). Originally the suspension ritual came from the Mandan tribe. So what’s this weirdness all about? The ritual is said to help in reaching a higher spiritual lever.

Weird flesh hook suspension (images.search.yahoo.com)

Body hook suspension (images.search.yahoo.com)

Flesh Hook Suspension Body piercings (Images.search.yahoo.com)

6) Nose Piercing

Nose piercing- nostril piercing are commonly practiced by people in India. Nose piercing is actually one of the most famous facial piercing.

Nose Piercing (Wikipedia)

Bridge piercing (Wikipedia)

Nose and Bridge piercings (images.search.yahoo.com)

Indian Bride with Nostril piercing (Wikipedia)


Septum Piercing (Wikipedia)

The next ones are very common facial piercing.

7) Lip and Mouth Piercing

Lip Piercing (Wikipedia)

Lip Piercing (images.search.yahoo.com)

inner mouth piercing (www.damnfunnypicture.com)

Monroe and septum piercings (Wikipedia)


weird face and lip piercing (images.search.yahoo.com)

8) Tongue Piercings

Tonue piercing process (Wikipedia)

Tongue piercing (www.damnfunnypicture.com)

Tongue Frenulum piercings (Wikipedia)

Tongue piercing (Wikipedia)

9) Corset Body Piercing with micro dermal anchors

Corset body piercing are usually done by woman. This type of dermal piercing is of course performed by a professional. The process is very intricate and for the person who opted for a corset piercing, he or she is required to take care of the cuts to avoid damages and infection. The person who had a corset piercing isn’t advised to put in the laces because it can cause tension or pressure in the pierced skin.

Back-corset piercing (images.search.yahoo.com)


Corset piercing (images.search.yahoo.com)


Neck corset piercing (images.search.yahoo.com)

Cleavage-corset piercings (images.search.yahoo.com)

Leg-corset piercings (images.search,yahoo.com)

10) Navel and Genital Piercing

Navel piercing with ring jewelry (images.search.yahoo.com)

Navel percing (Wikipedia)

Reverse PA and Frenum genital piercing (Wikipedia)

Bonus Weird and Funny Body piercings

Baby Piercing (images.search.yahoo.com)

Big Bear Ears extreme body and facial piercings (images.search.yahoo.com)

Facial piercings (images.search.yahoo.com)

Ring finger piercing (images.search.yahoo.com)

Freaky facial piercings (images.search.yahoo.com)

Creepy Back-hook piercings (images.search.yahoo.com)


Snake Man, with live snake piercings (images.search.yahoo.com)


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