Amazing and Weird Places

1) Tristan Da Cunha


Tristan da Cunha Island View (Wilikipedia)

Tristan da Cunha (

This island in Atlantic Ocean and the nearest island near the South Africa is one of remote place in the world. The total population known are 271 people in Tristan da Cunha Island.

2) Easter Island

Easter Island (Wilkipedia)

Easter Island from above view(Wilkipedia)

Easter Island is a small island located around 2000 miles west of Chilean Coast and became famous because of Moai, or rock sculptors.

3) La Rinconada, Peru

La Rinconada, Peru (

La Rinconada City in Peruvian Andes (Wilkipedia)

La Rinconada is a small town, otherwise known as the “Highest City” in the world because it’s location almost 17,000 feet above sea level. La Rinconada town can be reached by trucks trough hazardous and dangerous zigzag frozen glacier mountain roads.

4) McMurdo Station, Antartica


McMurdo Station (Wilkipedia)



McMurdo Station Inner View(Wilkipedia)


Antartica is one of the remote places on the surface of the earth, and McMurdo Station is located at the bottom of the world. There are 1,200 scientists and researches in this remote station and no native inhabitants can be found.

5) Cape York Peninsula, Australia


Cape York Peninsula, Australia(



Cape Yor Peninsula Full view from above(Wilkipedia)


Cape York Peninsula have 18,000 population, and most are aboriginal tribes, and considered remote and undeveloped, but one of the largest places and can be found in the Northern tip of the country.

6) Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland


Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland (Wilkipedia)



Ittoqqortoormiit Houses (Wilkipedia)


Ittoqqortoormiit town is the most remote place in Greenland, though Greenland has the most largest islands in the world but have small population of 57,000 people, with area of 836,000 square miles in size.

7) Kerguelan Island


Kerguellen Islands (Wilkipedia)


Kerguellen Islands or Desolation Island, because of far distnace from civilization, and located in the Southern Indian Ocean. Only French scientists and engineers who claims this island as their territory; there are no other native inhabitant of this island.

8) Pircairn Island


Pitcairn Island (Wilkipedia)



Pitcairn Island Full View (Wilkipedia)


Pitcairn Island is located several hundred miles away from Tahiti; and a small land near dead center of the southern Pacific Ocean, with population of 50 people.

9) Alert Nunavut, Canada


Alert Nunabut Observatory, Canada (Wilkipedia)



Alert Nunabut , Canada (Wilkipedia)


This small village is located near Arctic Ocean and 500 miles below North Pole and considered as northernmost inhabited remote place in the world. A fishing village, around 1,300 miles away, is the nearest town in Alert.

10) Motou County, China


Motou County Rainforest (Wilkipedia)



Motuo State Natural Reserve (Wilkipedia)


Mutuo County a small community in Tibetan Autonomous Region and last county in China and considered untouched by the modern world. (source: Ahsan Mukhtar)

11) Lexiaguo, Yunnan Province, China


Lexiagou, Yunnan Province China(



Lexiougou, Yunnan, China (

A beautiful and breathtaking view of a remote province of Yunnan in China.

12) Machu Picchu Cusco, Peru


Machu Picchu Cusco, Peru ( image)

Machu Picchu (Wilkipedia)

Nearly hundred years ago, archeologist discovered Machu Picchu lost city, but according to some historians they were not sure if the ancient Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu are functional. and existing.

13) Petra, Jordan

Petra known as “Rose-Red City (Wilkipedia)

Treasury of Petra, Jordan (Wilkipedia)

Petra, one of the famous tourist destination in Jordan, this amazing city of Petra was said to vanished in the map in the 7th century A.D. But in 1812, a Swiss Scholar disguising as Bedouin trader identified the ruins and debris as the ancient capital of Nabatacan, located in a remote desert canyons in Southern Jordan.

14) Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan


Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan (Wilkipedia)



Mohenjo-Daro near Larkana Town(Wilkipedia)

In 1921, the unknown valley of Indus in Pakistan, declared the cities of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa. The mysterious culture and came into existence 4,500 tears ago and make to grow progress for thousand years, and profit from the rich lands of the Indus River and trade with nearby civilization of Mesopotania. Mohenjo Daro is also known as “Mound of the Dead”. (Wilkipedia)

15) Palmyra, Syria


Palmyra Panorama, Syria (Wilkipedia)


Palmyria or Tadmor in Syria, an ancient city existed way back in the 19th century BC. Around 300 BC, the trading caravans began using way between Persia and Mesopotamia. The Romans got interested with the prosperity and strategic location of Palmyria and conquered the city in the first century A.D.

16) Palenque


Palenque, Southwestern Mexico and Guatemala(


The Ancient Maya settled the rain forest of southwestern Mexico and Guatemala, around 3,000 years ago. Tikal and Palenque grew into large vibrant city state after 1,400 years settlement and expanded all over the region.

17) Ancient Troy


Ancient Troy (Yahoo.image)


In Homera’s epic poem, The Iliad, Ancient city of Troy seemed to be purely imaginary. But in an excavation in north-western Turkey in 1871 has proved that the city of Troy existed. Heinrich Schliemann, a German adventurer began searching about the fabled city and began digging at Hisarlik, Turkey and the evidence that the Trojan capital was discovered.

18) Hanging Coffins in Sagada (Philippines)


Hanging Coffins in Sagada, Mountain Province (Damncoolpics)



Hanging Coffins in Sagada (Damncoolpics)

If you visit the Philippines and can visit Sagada mountain, then see the mystifying hanging coffins and the mummified dead (many of the bones of the remains were stolen by some tourist for a remembrance), the hanging coffins are found hanging on the cliffs of limestone mountain.

19) Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippine (Wilkipedia)

During rainy season, the 1,776 hills have green vibrant colors and changed to brown as chocolate during dry season, and thus it was named “Chocolate Hills” of Bohol bcause of coned-like shape and turning brown during the dry season.

20) Rice Terraces in Banaue, Mountain Province

Panoramic View of Rice Terraces (Wilkipedia)

Rice fields in the formed of layered terraces, and developed by the early Ifugao and Igorot Tribes, but believed that the Miao tribes of China, survivor of the Shang Dynasty fled into Cordillera mountains, and began with their new life and believed to be the descendants of the Igorots and Ifugao. It also shows resemblance to Miao cultures and traditions.

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