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I love watching monkeys doing tricks, and all I know that chimpanzee, orangutan or gorilla are of the same kind. Then I came upon this article What-on earth, and I discovered that there are lot more various kind of monkey species.

Hairy Saki

Male hairy saki have more colorful heads, dark fur, bushy tail. Their nails on fingers and toes are convex, almost claw-like. They eat fruits, seeds, vegetable matters, insects, small birds and eggs and bats. They are found mostly in Orinaco river north of Amazon to the Guianas, except for the white-nosed sakis, which are restricted to an area south of the Amazon between the rivers of Madeira and Xingu. Saki monkey have different kind of species like; Southern-bearded saki is known as Black-bearded saki, Black Saki otherwise called Saki satan or Humbold’ts sakis, Red-backed sakis or called Jew monkey, White-nosed bearded saki also called Saki a nez blanc in Brazil, Beardless saki, Monk saki and white-faced saki or pale-faced, matfaced or wanaku.

Sloth Monkey

Sloth Monkey

They are also called, “Lazy animal” because of their very, very low movements of metabolism. The bulk of their diet are buds, leaves and tender shoots, mainly Ceropsia trees (locally known as yarumo ot yagrumo). Brazil sloths are small monkey.

Prosboscis Monkey (Long-nosed Monkey)

Proboscis Monkey (Long-Nosed monkey)

Also commonly called in Malay language as Monyet Belanda or Bekantan in Indonesian language or simply called Long-nosed monkey. This reddish-brown is endemic found in South-East Asia of Borneo.

Red-Faced Spider Monkey

Red-faced Spider Monkey

They are commonly called Guiana Spider Monkey or Red-faced Spider monkey, found in Northern South America.

Uakari Red Faced-Bald Monkey

Uakari Red-faced Bald Monkey

Found in Western amazon of Brazil and Peru. Red-faced bald headed Uakari monkey, have long shaggy coats, short bob-like tail. Scarlet red faced is due to lack of skin pigments and full of capillary that run under their facial tissue.

Douroucouli Monkey or Owl monkeys

Douroucouli Monkey or Owl Monkey

Douroucouli monkey or Owl monkeys, also called Night monkeys, true nocturnal species of monkeys in the world. These night monkeys usually are active on the twilight periods when most species, are active in the early night. They are found in South America and sometimes in the central regions and you can hear them before you see them.

Tarsier Monkey

Tarsier/ Tarsius Monkey

These tiny monkey known as the Tarsier are commonly found in the islands of Bohol, Samar Leyte and Mindanao in the Philippines. They are also known as Maumag in Visayan dialect, consedered as endangered species endemic to the Philippines. Tarsius monkey are also called “pygmy tarsier”.

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