Weird Pets and Strange Owners

Many celebrities owned a pet, they may be weird pets, strange but lovable, easy to train and tame. Some people have it taken care, in some animal sanctuary for the sake of family safety. How many of us are pet lovers and would want to pick and take care of them? Have you any choice what animal to take care for a pet? Here are some list for you to choose. I’ve also added some celebrities with their pets.

1) Kinkajou


Kinkajou for a pet may be weird but cute, and looks like a hybrid of chinchilla, hamster and squirrel. Kinkajous are playful, sportive and mischievous. They are also called “sugar bear”.

Flying squirrel otherwise called Petauristini or Pteromyini male great pets and easy to tame.

2) Wallaby (Tiny Kangaroo)


Wallaby are peaceful loving creature, and you can spend your whole day with these weird pets. They are not aggressive or dangerous. They are playful and love hopping and jumping around.

3) Nigerian Dwarf Goats


Nigerian dwarf goat, is a miniature breed of dairy goats and have easy maintenance and are less expensive to take care of. They are also easy to train because of their gentleness.

Kath Shelton, an Australian farmer, have more or less 19 lambs and they are allowed to get inside his home to watch television and get a cuddle from their owner.

4) Anteater


Salvador Dali, owned a giant anteater. He was fascinated of taking care of an anteater because of fear of ants. When he was a boy, he found his dead bat pet full of ants, and since then his fascination with anteater began.

Pua and Stewie are anteaters owned by Angela Goodwin from Oregon, and trained her pets how to open and raid her refrigerator, open the door and windows, drawers and cabinets and even containers. Angela Goodwin, made a blog about her life with her pets, Pua and Stewie.

5) Potbellied Pig


Potbellied pig are among the smartest animals in the worls, easy to tame because of their calm and responsible behavior.

Kune kune are friendly, calm, peaceful, undisturbed and loves human company and suitable to own as pet. They are intelligent and easy to train.

Teacup pigs are tiny when piglets, but can grow into normal size like an ordinary dog.

6) Monkeys


Michael Jackson took custody of Bubbles the chimpanzee in 1983 in a research facility in Texas. But the chimp grew into adult and became aggressive. Michael Jackson have to moved it to an animal sanctuary at the Center of Great Apes in 2004 in Florida. Some reports said Bubbles tried to commit suicide in 2003. but was saved and now enjoy his life with bestfriend Sam, the 40 year-old chimp,enjoying painting and listening to music.


Hugh Hefner, have love for exotic birds and monkeys and other animals, and so he made official zoo at the Playboy Mansion and spent lot of money for the family of monkeys of different breeds like the following:

7) Snakes Pet


Corn snake rarely grow as big as 6 ft long, and non-venomous reptiles and has good temperament and easy to tame.

Kingsnake are the most popular for a pet.

Gopher snake pets has good temperaments and are predictable and so easy to handle as pets.

Nicolas Cage, owned two albino king cobras, octopus, crocodile, lizards and shark. But he have to give up his favorite pets, the king cobras because of his neighbor’s complain and fear. So he donated it in a local zoo.

8) Racing Pigeons


Mike Tyson, not only a famous boxer, also faces showbiz intrigues regarding his tattoo on his face and the controversial ear biting and his 1700 kinds of racing pigeons. He kept pigeons as his pets since he was child, and now he get involved in competitive racing pigeon where he could be seen on Animal Planet channel, “Taking on Tyson”.

9) Myna Birds or Talking Bird


Myna birds or the talking birds, are the most beautiful kind of birds to own. You can train them talk. These type of birds are easy to care, though in some reports, myna birds are considered as endangered species.

10) Chicken and other Fowls


Brahma chicken breed, originated from Brahmaputra, India and are Asiatic chicken. Bantam chicken breeds are easy to handle and tame, and makes an ideal pet at home. All bantam chicken breeds, are easily taught and managed.

Silkie bantam chicken are different kind of breed, according to countries or regions. Wugu, means “dark-boned chicken” in China, because they are characterized with blackish-grayish meat, black bones and black skin.

Tom the house pet turkey live with his farmer owner in a town in England, and lives with his partner, Lara the turkey.

11) Fox and Coyote


Writer Shreve Stockton lives with her pet, a coyote, and named him Charlie. Stockton wrote and documented her life with her pet, Charlie, on how she and her boyfriend rescued the coyote, and live with them in peace together with their other pets, Eli the cat, Chloe the dog, Daisy the cow and Ranger the horse.

Steve Edgington owned a petshop, and seven years ago, a fox wandered around his pet shop and since then he adopted the fox and named her Miss Snooks. The fox listen to radio, sleep on a soft bedding and eat honey-roasted chicken. Though many times Edgington, tried to re-introduced miss Snooks to the wild, she still keep on coming back home to her cat door.

12) Dogs



Bo Obama the Portuguese Water dog breed became the official pet dog of the White House, and a gift from the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

Chihuahua are tiny dog breed that can adapt the owner’s lifestyle (social or anti-social ), but not the kind of pet you could keep at home with children. Chihuahuas can become aggressive when hurt or provoked. They are prone to epilepsy or and seizure disorder.

Chow chow or Songshi Quan, means “puffy-lion dog”, characterized by unusual blue-black-purple tongue, and the bluish color extends to their lips. They have straight hind legs.

Standard poodles are known the second intelligent breed of dog, easy to tame and good for a pet.

Russliy Toy, are the smallest breed of dog, but are prone to “patellar luxation”, or the knee cap slips out of place, when they bend their knees, and are usually inherited defects.

Tibetan Mastiff dog, are ancient breed of domestic dog (canis lupus familiaris) with nomadic culture from Central Asia. It is also called Do-khyi, that means “home guard or door guard” or “dog must be kept”. It is characterized as Lion head and Tiger head.

13) Cats


Peterbald cat, came originally from Russia. They are very sweet-tempered pets, affectionate, peaceful, smart and energetic and can live with children.

The sphinx cat are known for their extrovert behavior, and they are very energetic, intelligent, affectionate to their owner and curious in many things around them.

Birman cat or Scared cat of Burma, is a domestic breed of cat from Burma, but they are different from the Burmese cat breed.

Ukranian Levcoy breed, are easy to handle and tame, very friendly and active and express sexual dimorphism.

14) Crocodile



Johnie the croc lives with her loving owner, Vicki Lowing of Australia. Johnie lives with other pets, pythons, lizards, turtles, horses and other crocodiles.

John Quincy Adams, the 6th US President, kept an alligator in the White House for several months. His wife, the First Lady Louisa kept silkworms, though not as pets but for source of silk.

15) Lizards


Henry Lizardowner was fascinated by lizards and even changed his last name into Lizardowner in 1986. He fondly call his lizard pets, “chick magnet”.

Pacman frog, needs careful task in taming, they are known for their “mean bite”. This weird pet can live longer than 15 years if properly taken care, like maintaining clean

Johnny Depp the famous handsome actor is a pet lover too. He even owned two rottweiler dogs, named Red and Blue, but have to give it up in a posh pet resort, to keep it away from his children. But he is more fascinated with insects and lizards.



16) Llama


A llama was adopted at Nicole Doepper’s German home, because of amputated leg.

17) Cow


Marina the cow, is fifteen years old, owned by loving owner, Ross Ohlendorf, the pitcher of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

18) Otter


Sea Otter are among the smallest marine mammal, that can walk on land but lives mostly in ocean. They eat sea urchins, crustaceans, mollusk, and species of small fish. They are active on daytime, type of marine mammals, that eat a lot during daytime, and sleep on mid-days.

19) Sugar Glider


Sugar glider is native to eastern and northern mainland of Australia, and sugar gliders are marsupial animals. These strange pets are cute and playful.

20) Piranha fish


Piranha or pirana, is a fish that eats both animals and plants and are inhabitants of the freshwater of South America rivers. Piranhas are also called caribes, and known for their sharp teeth and appetite for meat.

Lungfish or salamander fish, are characterized as primitive within African and South America fresh waters. They can survive on dry rivers, burrowing on mud and have “summer sleep” throughout the dry season.

Octopus have keen eyesight, excellent sense of touch and their suction caps are equip with chemoreceptors, for tasting whatever they touch. They too, have limited hearing.

21) Hermit Crab


Ecuadorian hermit crab, can only live few months. But the Coenobita clypeatus species, can live 23 years if properly taken care and treated. The hermit crabs were once called throwaway pets. They are known as sociable and adaptable pets.

22) Velvet Worms


The becoming popular pets now are the velvet worms or onychopora, because of their bizarre appearance and eating habits. They eat insects for their food.

Bombyx mori or Silkworm

Bombyx mori or Silkworm








Silkworm Cocoon

Silkworm Cocoon









Silkworm Pupa

Silkworm Pupa









Silkworms are kept not only as pets, but in China they are kept for producing silk, and their larvae are for consumption and one delicacy in China and other Asian country.

23) African Velvet Slug


The African velvet slug are very easy to take care as pet, easy to handle and cheap for the pocket. African slugs are weird pets and strange to keep, but easy to own, and just feed them with vegetables and fruits, and not dangerous for children.

24) African Armored Cricket


Crickets are harmless insects and easy to handle as pets. But African armored crickets, vomit and squirt blood coming out through their narrow opening on their backs and under their legs, as their defense mechanism, when attacked by their predators.

25) Giant Vinegarroons

Thelyphonida or giant vinegarroon, is an arachnid also called whip scorpion, because they are look-alike to true scorpions and whip like tail. They lived in humid dark places like burrowing under the big stones or rocks, rotten logs or woods or other debris, to avoid light.


Adult Antlion are called antlion lacewings.

Antlion larvae are called doodle bug, in North America, because of their weird winding, spiral trails that left in the sand, while searching for some good place to build trap, and this trails will look like someone has sketch or draw in the sand.


Taming tarantulas are daunting work, they are calm but becomes aggressive when provoked. They spit out their venom when they are mad or hurt as their initial reaction as defense mechanism.

Wellington Weta

There are more or less seventy kinds of weta species and these species are endemic in New Zealand.

Assassin Bug


Assassin bugs are kept as pets but for some they kept it for insect control. Like the masked hunter bug are kept for feeding purposes for cockroaches and bedbugs.

Madagaskar Cockroaches


Madagascar cockroaches are ideal pets for children, exotic and different from any local house-roaches. They have hardy colorful shells.


Egyptian Predator Beetle


Some people kept this Egyptian predator beetle and feed with other insects and snails.

It could be easier to tame pets, when you take care of them as baby so they will be familiarized with their owner’s scent and literally will obey and will not be aggressive.




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