Weird Delicacy

In every country in Asia, they have their own exotic cuisine or delicacy, that tourist would enjoy trying to taste it. In every country we visit, we must explore many things especially the weird cuisine or delicacy that the host country have. Curiosity of tasting these weird foods are also new challenge for us food trippers.

1) Blood Sausage


Blood Sausage (


Blood sausage a delicacy is made of fresh blood from a new slaughtered animals(pig or cattle) has not yet transformed to solid, and mixed with fat and minced meat. It’s also called blood pudding in United Kingdom, Bratwurst in Germany and Baudoin in France. Every region has their various recipe in making blood sausage and considered their best delicacies, although some find them disgusting, but many appreciate this blood sausage.

Blood Stew (Dinuguan in Philippines)


Dinuguan (Blood Stew)


Pork meat and fresh blood from pig or cow. Some Filipino cook blood stew using the animal intestines( if you don’t know the cleaning techniques, the intestine smells foul and awful).


BBQ Blood (Betamax in Philippines)


Soon the blood coagulated or become solid form, they pre-boiled it with vinegar, soy sauce, pepper and minced garlic. Let it cool and sliced in cube biting size and skewed with bamboo skewer and grill. In eating you have to dipped it in vinegar with red chilli or gravy the vendor prepared.

2) Casu Mazu


Casu-Mazu (Rotten Cheese)


Casu Mazu also commonly called maggot cheese; this traditional Pecorino cheese was fermented until it decomposed and become rotten until fly larvae are produced and visible. The larvae are translucent worms, 8 mm long and can jump as high as 15 cm when moved. Some eat them with the rotten cheese, but some removed the maggots before eating the Casu Mazu. At present eating Casu Mazu is banned for health reason, but still sold and found at the black market in Sardinia, Italy.

3) Escargot


Escargot (Snail)


This snails are being fed and well taken cared of to assure that they would not eat toxic plants that could be harmful and toxic to human. The snail meat are removed from their shells, cooked in butter, garlic and a special sauce. Then the cooked snail meat ingredients will be stuffed back in the shell. Some people find it disgusting but this escargot are excellent in diets. They contain 15% protein, 80% water and 24% fat.

Ginataang Kuhol (Snail in coconut milk)


Ginataang Kuhol (Snail in Coconut Milk)


One of Philippine delicacy the, “Ginataang Kuhol” (snail cooked in coconut milk. Some find it disgusting but it is one exotic delicacy in the Philippines.

4) Hakarl (Fermented Basking Shark)


Hakarl (hang dry)



Hakarl Cube Ready-to-Eat


Basking shark, are traditional shark dish from Iceland. It is processed in a special fermentation process before they hang it to dry for almost 5 months. In making hakarl, the beheaded and gutted basking shark is placed in a narrow sand-hole and they cover with rocks, so the fluids are pressed out leave for fermentation from 6 to 12 weeks. Then after fermentation they hang the shark to dry. Then Hakarl is ready to cut into cubes and served. Some Icelanders don’t eat Hakarl because of the strong smell amonia-like and taste. Some taste it but pinch their nose so they won’t smell it.

5) Dormouse Stew


Dormouse (Glis-glis)



Dornouse Stew (


Dormouse or Glis-Glis delicacy are still one favorite dish among Romans and people from Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. Because of high demands of this domice delicacy, (20,000 dormouse are being hunted every year) these animals are now considered as one of the endangered species.

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