Astonishing and Weird Man-Made Musical Fountains

There are various man-made created sculptures, amazing magical dancing trees or musical dancing fountains in the world. This prove the high technology and brilliant inventions of man to entertain people around the global. Synchronized display of water, lights and choreographic fountains performed nightly by famous hotels , universities or well known establishments.


1) Wynn’s Hotel and Casino Dancing Fountain, Macau, China

Wynn Fountain Show, Macau (

Wynns Fountain Show, Macau (

Amazing musical and dancing fountain at Wynn Hotel and Casino, located at Rua Cidade de Sintra, and also see the Tree of Prosperity with more than 2000 branches and 98,000leaves, made of 24 karat gold brass leaves as symbol of prosperity. It is also called “The Golden Money Tree”.

2) Musical Dancing Fountain of Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas


Dancing Fountain Bellagio, Las Vegas (Wikipedia)

Bellagio Musical Fountain across Paris Las Vegas Hotel, Las Vegas (Wikipedia)

The musical-dancing fountain of Bellagio in Las Vegas, the choreographed fountain, set with music and lights.

3) Musical Fountain of Sentosa Island, Singapore


Sentosa Fountain (


Sentosa Island, Singapore .

4) Dubai Fountain, Burj Khalifa ,Dubai

The choreographed fountain system of Burj Khalifa Dubai dancing fountain set on the 30 acre man-made Burj Khalifa Lake. The synchronized dancing fountain located at the center of Downtown Dubai development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktum, opened and inaugurated the largest musical fountain in the world along with the famous Dubai Mall on May 8, 2009.

5) World of Color Fountain, Walt Disney Anaheim, California

World of Color Fountain Walt Disney, Anaheim, California (Wikipedia)

Disneyland Display of the World of Color musical fountains, Anaheim, Ca.

Disney World of Colors Musical Fountain Show, Anaheim, Ca. (Wikipedia)

This is the new show Disney California Adventure at the Disney Resort in Anaheim, California. The dancing- musical fountain dance through interpretation of music arranged by Mark Hammond and Dave Hamilton.

6) Yagnapurush Kund, India


Yagnapurush Kund India (



New Delhi Fountain, India (Wikipedia )

The world’s largest Yagna Kund named after Swaminarayan Sanstha and Swami Yagnapurushdsji (Brahmeswarup Shastriji Maharaj), the third successor of Bhagwan Swaminarayan.


Musical Fountain (

Musical Fountain, India (

Musical Fountain , India (

The musical fountain is located at Ajmal Khan Park, sprawling over the 5 acres piece of land that offers one of the best and invigorating escape from the noise of the city of Delhi, India.

7) King Fahd’s Musical Fountain, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


King Fahd’s Fountain (


King Fahd’s musical fountain, also called Jeddah fountain is named as the tallest water fountain in the world; the fountain water is 312 meters (1,024 ft) above the red sea.

8) Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, Seoul, Korea


Moonlight Rainbow Fountain (



Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, Banpo Bridge, Korea (


Banpo bridge is the world’s longest bridge fountain that sets a Guinness World Record with almost 10,000 LED nozzle, running along both sides, 1,140m long, that shoots out 190 tons of water per minute.

9) Jerudong Fountain, Brunei Darussalam


Musical Fountain, Jerudong Park, Brunei Darrussalam(

The musical dancing fountain is located at Jerudong Park in Brunei Darussalam and claimed as the most expensive amusement park in Southeast Asia funded by the Brunei government for $1billion. The musical-dancing fountain shows, featuring Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin and some Disney classical music.


10) Shuzhou Musical Fountain Show, China


Shoahou Fountain, Nanning City, China (

The Bridge Waterfall Fountain, located in Nanhu Park of Nanning City, Guangxi province in China. The bridge is more than 400 meters long and each side of waterfall’s length is 250m long, projecting high-colored LED lights at night.


Shouzhou Fountain Show (courtesy of: Xinhua

The astonishing laser musical fountain near Jinji Lake of Shouzhou, east of east China’s Jiangsu province.

Shouzhou Musical Fountain Show (

10) Manila Ocean Park Musical-Dancing Show, Manila Philippines


Manila Ocean Park Musical Fountain Show (



Octopus Playing The Piano (



Manila Ocean Park Musical Fountain (



Manila Ocean Park Dancing Fountain with Ball of Fire (

The Manila Ocean Park Musical Fountain show was the first grandest musical fountain in the Philippines. The musical fountain show is compared to Sentosa’s musical fountain show. The fabulous musical fountain is as tall as 120 feet high and the largest water-laser show with over 1,600 water nozzles, water, lights and special effects with music and backed-up by live performances.

11) Michigan World Largest Musical Fountain, USA


Michigan Grand Musical Fountain (


The Michigan Grand Musical fountain is a synchronized fountain of water and lights display in Grand Haven, Michigan on Dewey Hill, north shore of Grand River, near Grand’s Mouth at Lake Michigan and Grand Haven State Park.

12) America’s Mart, Atlanta Georgia, USA


America’s Mart, Atlanta Georgia ( courtesy of:www.formosafountains/com)

At the seventh floor of America’s Mart Building, an amazing musical fountain pool stands with a double-formed ring of thin strong polyester film, which intersperse alternately with side glow fiber optic spanning two floors to the roof. Surrounding the fountain’s perimeter of the fountain pool, are fog nozzles, lighted by hidden Light-Emitting Diode (LED) strips, supplying the nozzles and all equipment pumping the fountain pool is located below the floor.

13) 1880 Century Park East, L.A. Ca.


1880 Century Park East Fountain ,L.A. California (



1880 Century Park East Fountain, L.A. California (

The 1970’s old building of 1180 Century Park East, had its renovation and built the musical fountain on top the existing garage parking space. It was built with a glass sculpture as supporting element ad around an existing vent for the garage, and the fountain has an upper waterfalls pool.


14) The Shops At Legacy, Plano, Texas


The Shops at Legacy, Plano, Texas (



The Musical Fountain, The Shops at Legacy at Night, Plano, Texas (


The musical fountain show at night and acting as static on daytime, is the centerpiece of the newly developed called the The Legacy in Plano, Texas.

15) Falls River Square, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio


Falls River Square, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (



Falls River Square, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (

The two musical fountains is located in the historic city’s downtown area of Cuyahoga Falls in Ohio. The musical man-made fountain features, outer Nozzles and Scupper and an inner “Dry Deck” animated musical fountain.


16)Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, Ca.


Anaheim Convention Center Musical Fountain, Anaheim, Ca. (



Anaheim Convention Center Musical Fountain, Anaheim, Ca. (


The main entrance at the Anaheim Convention Center, the musical fountain stands featuring an inviting atmosphere for the convention center.

17) Mooresville Town Square , North Carolina


Mooresville Town Square Musical Fountain, North Carolina (

The matrix-synchronized fountain at the Mooresvilee Town Square of the New Mooresville Lifestyle Center in North Carolina.


18) Mount Vernon Musical Fountain


Mount Vernon Musical Fountain (

The rich heritage of Mount Vernon fountain stands in the city, where the Mount Vernon Mayor, and architect by profession, inspired by developing the astonishing musical-dancing fountain and believing that the circle must be restored.

19) Metropolis Mall Entry, Plainfield, Indiana


Metropolis Mall Entry, Plainfield, Indiana (


This synchronized musical fountain found in the centerpiece of the Futura Plaza in the New Metropolis Mall, is a 30ft. diameter fountain with 28th center geyser.

20) Donahue Musical-Floating Fountain


Donahue Floating Musical Fountain (



Donahue Floating-Musical Fountain (at night) (

21) Three Rivers Musical Fountain, Culiacan, Mexico


Three Rivers Musical Fountain, Culiacan, Mexico (www.atlantic

Three Rivers Musical Fountain, Culiacan, Mexico (

22) Bombay Dreams Musical Fountain, India


Broadway Dreams Musical Fountain, Bombay, India (



Bombay Dreams Broadway Musical Fountain, India (

23) Park Musical Fountain, Edwardsville

Park Musical Fountain, Edwardsville (

24)Hawaiian Rumble Musical Fountain, Orlando Florida

Hawaiian Rumble Musical Fountain, Orlando, Florida (

25)Premier Musical Fountain of Kolkata, India

Premier Musical Fountain of Kolkata, India (

The Premier fountain can be found in Gujarat Science city, Kolkata, India.

Fujian Dancing Fountain ,China (

Shouzhou Huaquia Musical Fountain Show, China (

Nanxiu Musical Fountain Show, China (

Margaret Island Musical Fountain, Budapest (

This musical fountain was built identically from Bodor fountain found in Transylvania, destroyed by snowstorm; and now was rebuilt in Targu Mures in Romania in Budapest’s Margrit Islands (Margaret Island or Margrit – Margitsziget.)

City Center Mall, Musical-Dancing Fountain, White Plains, New York (Wikipedia)

Musical Fountain of Chapman University Global Citizen’s Plaza, Orange, California (


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