Weird Human Deformities

What’s causing human deformities? I have researched about deformed people and deformed babies- and in this post I have compiled a list of people who have rare condition that caused the abnormalities in their physical appearance.

Few years ago, I have seen babies with congenital deformities and it was really a shock for me in my first year as a hospital staff of OR/DR department, and asked myself why does freak babies exists? What will be their life ahead of them? Will other people mock and make fun out of them? And the family, how will they accept and face reality that they have a baby like them? All I know, if those baby survived their rare syndrome, they need full attention and love. Here are some of these rare congenital deformities, and maybe one member of the family had this kind of syndrome.

Update- I have included other rare condition that may or may not be considered as human deformities.

1) Microcephaly Syndrome


Deformed People0 Simon Metz -Microcephaly Syndrome

Simon Metz, Famous as Schlitze Surtees (source:Wilkipedia)


Simon Metz, famously known as Schlitze Surtees, born September 10, 1901 in Bronx, New york. Surtees or Simon Metz, have a congenital disorder called Microcephaly, a neuro developmental disorder with a small skull and small brain, myopia(nearsightedness) and retardation and small stature, he stood only 4 ft tall. A performer of Barnum and Bailey Show, and became popular when he portrayed a role in the movie Freak in 1932. There are claims that he was born in Sta Fe, New Mexico and some claimed he was born in Yucatan, Mexico in 1892 and billed as the “Last of the Aztecs”. He died on September 24,1971.

2) Joseph Carey Merrick (The Elephant Man)


Joseph Carey- Elephant Man- Deformed People

The Elephant Man (source:Wilkipedia)


Joseph Carey Merrick, born on August 5,1862 in Leicester, England. He was born a normal baby, and in his first years of growing up, he was diagnosed of Proteus Syndrome or neurofibromatosis, a rare congenital disease caused by growing tumors in faces and body parts and resulted to deformities of face and body. His one arm and both feet became enlarge and an accident caused him to become permanent lame. He died at age 27 on April 11.1890 The elephant man definitely top our list for deformed people.

3) Half-Man body (Sacral Agenesis Syndrome)


Half Man Deformed People- Johnny Eck

Johnny Eck, The Half-Man(source:Wilkipedia)


Johnny Eck (source:wilkipedia)

Born on August 27,1911 in Baltimore, Maryland, John Eckhardt, Jr., popularly known as Johnny Eck , born with truncated torso because of Sacral Agenesis or caudal regression syndrome or hypoplasia of the sacrum, abnormal fetal development of the lower spine, the caudal partition of the spine. He became famous in performing in American freak show and portrayed a role in a Tod Browning’s Freak movie in 1932. He was also known as the “amazing half-boy” and “King of the Freaks”. He died on January 5,1991 at age 79.

4) Charles Sherwood Stratton (Dwarfism Syndrome)


Charles Sherwood Stratton(



Charles Sherwood Stratton Wedding(


Charles Sherwood Stratton was born normal on January 4, 1838. His father Sherwood Edward Stratton, a carpenter married his first cousin Cynthia Thompson (Charles’ mother) are both normal. After Charles’ first birthday, he stopped growing and he was diagnosed of “dwarfism syndrome”. He was trained to sing, dance and mime by his fifth cousin P.T. Barnum and was later became famous as Gen. Charles Sherwood Stratton. He then married Lavinia Warren, also a dwarf-size lady on February 10, 1863.

5) 101 Years Old With Goat’s Horn

Deformed People- Goat Horn woman

101 Years Old Horned Woman(source:health mad)

Zhang Ruifang, now 101 years old of Linlou Village, Henan Province, China, began developing a goat-like horn on her forehead last 2009.

6) Human Baby Frog (Anencephaly Disorder)


Baby Human Frog- Deformed Babies

Baby Human Frog Born in Egypt(source: Bukisa)



Deformed babies- baby frog image 2

Baby Human-Frog Born In Nepal(source:Softpedia)


Both babies were born like frogs. This rare bizarre condition is called Anencephaly Syndrome. The baby was born without brain, neck and reproductive organs. The first image was born in Luxor General Hospital in Al Akhbar, the baby died after 2 hours. Deformed babies such as what I mentioned here do not have survival chances because anencephalic infants do not have a forebrain.

The second image was born in a village in Charikot, Dolakha District, the baby died after an hour after birth.

7) Harlequin Syndrome


Harlequin Syndrome- Deformed Babies

Harlequin Syndrome(source:Bukisa)


This rare disease called harlequin ichtyosis- a rare skin disorder also called Ichtyosis fetalis or keratosis diffusa fetalis. This is very rare case. Most babies who have this diseases hardly make it to adulthood.


Snake-Faced Baby (source:Bukisa)


This snake-faced baby Yiran Bobek– was born on October, 2008 in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, a third child in the family believed to have a rare skin disorder called harlequin itchyosis.

8) 8 Toes Baby (Polydactylism)


Baby with 8 Toes (Polydactyly Syndrome) Source:Bukisa


A healthy baby boy born on November 5, 2008 in Leiszhu, Southeast of Guandong Province, China. The baby have 8 toes and 5 fingers on each hands, but no thumbs. This is another rare genetic called Polydactyly. This condition is caused by environmental pollution.

9) Eight-Limb Child


Baby with Eight Limbs

Lakshmi Tatma born in India with eight limbs and believed to be a reincarnation of Hindu goddess Vishnu. But some medical team believed that the child was born with joined parasitic twin and have to undergo a surgery under 30 surgeons to remove two of her useless arms and legs.

10) Cyclop Syndrome


Cyclop Syndrome(source:Bukisa)


This baby was born in 2006 in India, born with a single eye in the center of forehead, her brain defused into a single hemisphere and no nose developed. After few days from birth the cyclop baby died. The cyclops baby tops our list for deformed babies.

11) Samoan “Miracle Baby”


Samoan Deformed Baby


Tina Julie Nanai was born on September 1, in Samoan Island of Upolu. Her feet and spinal cord were deformed, some part of her brain missing, she had double-cleft palate, no eyeballs and no fingers. Attending doctors gave the parents slim survival for baby Tina, but the parents sneak milk and feed her and named her “Miracle Baby”. (Source: LiveJournal;Medical Curiosities)

12) Baby With Tail


Baby With Tail


This one year-old Balaji, named after monkey-faced god Lord Hanuman(other name as Balaji), was born with tail and believed to be reincarnated the Hindu god.

13) Baby With Three Arms


Baby With 3 Arms (source:healthMad)


Liu Junjie from Anhui province, China was born in 2006 with three arms. The medical team successfully removed the rare excess arms. The baby needs a long-term physical therapy to gain function in his remaining arms, which has no palms and flexes in either direction.

14) Feet Facing Backwards


Feet Facing Backwards


Wang Fang, 27 year-old of Chongqing City, China was born with her feet facing backward. She was classified as disabled but declined a disability pension; because she claimed she had regular job as a waitress in a family owned- business restaurant, and said, “there is no reason to be classified as disabled”.

15) Clubfoot


Club Foot (source:healthMad)


Congenital foot deformity; twisted in inverted and down.

16) Largest Hand in the World


Largest Hand(Macrodactyly)


Lui Ha of China, was suffering from a rare congenital disease known as Macrodactyly, or maybe from Lymphedema, common cause and results of enlargement of limbs.

17) Cleft-Foot and Hand


Cleft Foot and Hand(Adactyly Disorder)


Oftentimes called split or lobster also known as Adactyly disorder. (source:HealthMad)

18) Polydactyly


Polydactyly Disorder (source:healthmad)


Ploydactyly disorder, presence of additional fingers or toes. Also called polydactilia or polydactylism. This cases can be removed by surgery.


Syndactyly Fingers (source:healthmad)


Fusion of fingers maybe single or multiple


Syndactyly Toes (source:healthmad)


Fusion of fingers and toes might be single or multiple and affect soft tissue of skin or soft tissue of skin and bones.

19) Brachydactilia (short fingers)


Brachydactilia Fingers (source:healthmad)


The picture shown an adult with brachydactilia disorder with a child hands as demonstrated. This case is abnormal condition of shortness of fingers.

20) Apodal Baby (source:Bukisa)


Apodal Baby (source:bukisa)


Apodal baby born without hands and feet and can be compared to a broken doll.

21) Nipple on Foot (source:Bukisa)


Nipple on Foot (source:Bukisa)


22 year- old- woman(unidentified) asked for medical help for a surgical removal of nipple growing on her plantar region of her left foot. The medical doctors and hispathologic result were consistent that the said nipple surrounded with hairs and areola, had numerary breast tissues known as Pseudomomma.

22) Indian Girl With Tears of Blood (source:Bukisa and healthmad)


Indian Girl with Tears of Blood


Twinkle Dwivedi, 14 years old of India, had this rare disease of excessive bleeding coming out from her eyes, hairlines, nose, neck and sole of her feet. She bleeds 50 times a day resulting from loss of blood and have her blood transfusion everyday. She bleeds excessively without any wounds or injury.


15 Year Old Boy with tears of Blood (source:Bukisa)


He was born in Calvino Inman, 15 years old boy blood coming from his eyes, same condition with Twinkle Dwivedi of India.

23) 16 year old Ageless Girl

16 Year Old Ageless Girl

Brooke Greenberg was born in 1993, she is now 17 years old girl from Reisterstown, Maryland. Her feature physically looks like a toddler though she is now a teenager. Her rare condition is called Syndromex syndrome.

24) Aniridia (Absence of Iris) source: healthmad

Aniridia (absence of Iris) source:healthmad

Aniridia a rare condition of the eyes with no Iris, usuaally both eyes are affected and have poor development of the retina at tge back of the eyes preventing normal vision development. This are congenital disease acquired from birth.

Heterochromia Iridium of the Eyes

Heterochmia Iridium also known as helerochmia iridium is an ocular condition of one iris differs colors from the other iris. The image shown above one eye has brown color and the other have hazel eyes.


25. Skull Deformity- Have you ever watched the movie Mask? The boy in the movie (Rocky Dennis) has a skull deformity. The condition is often or commonly referred to as Craniosynostosis. This rare disease happens during infancy when the sutures in the skull fuses prematurely in a process known as ossification. I am still doing a bit of research about this, I found some information about Rocky Dennis and I believe the movie Mask is a true story. To wrap this up, Rocky Dennis- is first on my list for deformed people.


Rocky Dennis Skull Deformity- Craniosynostosis

Rocky Dennis Skull Deformity- Craniosynostosis

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