Weird and Scary Dreams and Its Meaning

Do you dream? We all dream, though sometimes we forget about what we had dreamed or sometimes we don’t pay attention about it. I remember my mom saying, never go to bed with a full stomach after dinner, or else we’re going to have a bad dream or a nightmare. But in ancient times people believed that dreams are considered as a message from gods. Here is a collection of weird dreams and meanings, and it is up to you decide if you believe them or not.


Sweet Dream (image

“Dreams at night are a devil’s delight”

“Dreams in the morning, heed the angel’s warning”

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1) Acorn

Acorn (by: Daniel Towsey) (ph.)

Dreaming of acorn means pleasant things will come unto you and expect more gain in a few days.

Acorn (ph.)

If a woman dreamed of eating an acorn, it means she will expect a promotion with her present position or raise of salary.

Dreaming of shaking a tree of acorn, you will have your wishes about love and business granted immediately.

2) Airport

Busy Airport (ph.)

When you dream of busy airport it means that you have the desire to travel or desire of freedom.

Empty Airport (ph.)

Dreaming of an empty airport means there will be a delay or change with your travel plans.

3) Almonds

Almonds (ph.)

When you dream of almonds it means a temporary sorrow or grief.

If you dream you ate an almond and liked it, you will become lucky for the next few weeks, but if the almonds are bitter, then better cancel all your plans or it may cause you trouble.

4) Angels

Angels (ph.)

If you dream of an angel, it means success, protection, happiness, and rewarding friendships.

5) Baby




If a woman dreamed of breastfeeding a baby, it means a betrayal by someone she love or trust.

Cute Baby (ph.)

When you see a baby in your dream, it means warmth, innocence, and new beginning, a new love affair will bloom, and meet new friends.

6) Balloon

Red Balloons (ph.)

If you see balloon/balloons in your dream, it means a spirited of hope, love and business or generally falling off a business you are connected in.




But if you are ascending in a balloon in your dreams, it means an omen or deep frustration in life in few days to come.

7) Bed


White Bed (


Dreaming of clean white beds means ends of worries and sorrow.


Making Bed (source:~e00007402)

Making bed in a dream of woman dreamer means new love affair will come in the next few days.

8) Birds

Flying Birds

If you dream of flying birds it means prosperity to the dreamer.

Crow Bird


If you dream of a crow, it means grief, misfortune, disappointment and sorrow.

9) Birth


When you dream of birth it is a sign of death; if you dream of death it is a sign of birth.

10) Butterfly


Butterfly among flowers


Dreaming of a butterfly among flowers means luck and prosperity.


Flying Butterfly


Dreaming of flying butterflies around, is a sign of news or letter from a friend or someone you have not seen from a long time.

11) Candles




Dreaming of a lighted candle with calm and steady flames means good fortune for the dreamer.

12) Cats


Cat (image:daytona6)


Dreaming of a cat means bad luck, unfortunate omen, betrayal from friends or someone close to you.




Dreaming of cats attacking you, means angry enemies surrounding you, but if you successfully drive them away then you will overcome one that opposes you; fortune and fame will be yours.





If you dream of a dog, it means you will gain more friends and more success in business.


Barking Dog


If you dream of a dog barking at you, it denotes fight or misunderstanding between you and your partner.

13) Water


Clear Water


Dreaming of clear water, denotes prosperity and and good luck and fortune.


Dark Water


Dreaming of dark water or muddy water, means sadness, sorrow for the dreamer to hear new of illness or death from someone close to the dreamer.

14) Deceased Person


Michael Jackson (RIP)


If you dreamed of a deceased person talking to you in your dream you have to listen carefully it might be an important message for you.


Deceased Person (selena-quintanilla-perez-coffin-photo-300×193.jpg)


Dreaming a deceased person denotes warning and tells you to that influences around you are omen regarding your personal life, love affairs and you should not enter into a binding contracts or verbal agreements specially on money matters and business transactions.

15) Dancing




If you dream of dancing it means unexpected good fortune will come unto you.

16) Shoes




Dreaming of pair of shoes, means lot of travels for the dreamer locally and abroad.

17) Hair



Dreaming of hair, means careless with personal affairs and might lose advancement by mental negligence.


Hairdresser/Beauty Salon

If a woman dreamed she is in a salon, it means she will be involved in a family scandal involving a family member. Should her hair dyed, she will evade imprisonment.


Smiling Face

Smiling face in your dream denotes good new friends, experiences and financial matters.

unpleasant face

Dreaming of unpleasant face means bizarre character or appearance of friends you will have.

Washing Face

Dreaming of washing your face, denotes that you make amend of your fault or mistake committed by you.

18) Taking a bath/shower

Taking a Bath or Shower

For a woman dreamer; if she dreamed that she is taking a bath, it means a wedding bells for her sooner.


19) Keys


Dreaming of lost keys means unpleasant adventures will affect you and unexpected change will happen in your life.

But if you find keys, it means peace and success in business domestically.

20) Umbrella

Closed Umbrella

Dreaming of a closed umbrella in the rain, means unlucky and unfortunate for the dreamer with his business plans.


Leaking umbrella in your dream, means quarrel with your love one.

Umbrella in the rain

Dreaming of an open umbrella in the rain means a very fortunate sign of good luck in all his dreams and goal in life.

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