Weird Human Disease

1) Progeria Syndrome


Progeria Syndrome (source: Wilkipedia)



Progeria Syndrome (image: horrific humanity)


This is a devastating disease and defect in child’s genetic code. Children with Progeria disease have premature baldness, thinning of bones and arthritis, heart disease and fast aging process as they grow old and have a short span of life and die at the age of 13. There reporst of 48 children with Progeria syndrome.

2)Blue Skin Disorder


Blue Skin Disorder (


In 1960s a family known as The Blue People, living in Trouble Creek in Kentucky were believed to have Blue skin disorder and later know as passed trough the younger generation. And according to source, they live long past 80 years old without serious illness. The blue people have bluish skin or almost purple skin.


Cyanosis Blue Baby Source: Wilkipedia

Cyanosis syndrome or blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome(BRBNS) commonly known as blue baby syndrome, are described as malfunction of the skin or cutaneus, stomach and intestines(gastrointestinal) and veins(blood vessels were blood passes to the heart)

3) Mermaid Syndrome

Mermaid Syndrome (image:Google)

Shiloh Pepin Mermaid Syndrome(image:Google)

Mermaid syndrome also called Sirenomelia, an inborn with congenital deformity of legs fused together an looks like mermaid tail. This disease is fatal with unborn or at birth of the baby because of abnormality development of kidney and bladder and babies born with mermaid syndrome don’t live long. But in the case of Shiloh Pepin, she was reported the longest survivor of these sirenomelia disease. She died recently at the age of ten( picture of Shiloh was recently taken before her untimely death of pneumonia).

4) Mobius Syndrome

Mobius or Moebius Syndrome(source:Wilkipedia)

The baby in the picture having mobius syndrome or moebius, a rare neurological disorder and described as having facial paralysis and inability of eyes movement from side to side. The baby was described having oromandibular-limb hypogenesis-mobius syndrome. Person with mobius syndrome have normal intelligence; they lack facial expressions due to bilateral nerve palsies and missing fingers, and sometimes found unfriendly and misunderstood. Paul Julius Mobius, a neurologist discovered this syndrome in 1888.

5) RAS Syndrome

Ras Syndrome(

Ras syndrome are described as fatal for baby with this rare congenital disease. In the picture is 2 year old Tianna Lewis suffering from this rare disease. Tears would trigger baby Tianna’s condition that may lead to body stiffness, pale skin and temporarily stopping her heartbeat and stops breathing. Ras Syndrome may stopped as the child grow but sometimes there are attacks until the child become adult. Pain, fear, fright or even hot and cold bath trigger Reflex Anoxic Seizure (RAS).

6) Ondine’s Curse

Ondine’s Curse Disease(

Person with congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS) also called primary alveolar hypoventilation or Ondine’s curse are suffering from respiratory arrest while sleeping. The CCHS or Ondine curse syndrome are very rare disease and serious form of central sleep apnea and failure of automic control in breathing. The report said there are 1 in 200,000 baby with this rare case. In many cases apnea occurs in sleep but there are some cases apnea occurs when they are awake.

7) Proteus Syndrome

Proteus Syndrome(

Proteus Syndrome non-stop growing of legs, extremely rare disease and named after a Greek god who could change his forms. In Lancashire, England, Mandy Sellars, 33 years old,suffering from this rare Proteus syndrome with her legs growing non-stop and doctors might decide to amputate her legs. They weigh 98 kg and worse is her leg never stop growing.

8) Albino Syndrome

Albino Syndrome (source:Wilkipedia)

Albino syndrome or Albinism, are also known as achromia, achromasia or achromatosis, congenital disorder of complete or partial absence or defect of an enzyme involved in producing melanin . Albinos have vision defects like the photophobia (symptoms excessive sensitivity to light), nystagmus (involuntary eye movement) and astigmatism. There are two kinds of nystagmus, the Physilogic and pathologic eyemovement. Lack of skin pigmentation cause sunburn and prone to skin cancers.

9) Blashko’s Line Skin Disorder

Blashko’s Line Skin Disorder(

This rare and unexplained kind of skin disorder in human anatomy was discovered by German dermatologist, Alfred Blashko. The stripes in the body are maybe result from mosaicism but don’t have any connection to nervous, muscular or lymphatic systems.

10)Werewolf Syndrome

Werewolf Syndrome (source: Google)

Werewolf syndrome also a rare genetic disease in abnormality growing of hairs all over the face and body. There are many reports of werewolf syndrome all over the world.

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