Weird and Shocking Cannibalism

Do you know that human cannibalism is still in existence? This post is not for people who have a weak heart and stomach. After doing research for this blog post I discovered shockingly weird human cannibalism. Listed below are people who engaged themselves in the act of cannibalism.

What is a cannibalism? It is the act of any animal eating or consuming members of its kind or their mates. The two types of cannibalism are the ‘endocannibalism (act of eating human from their own community or their social group; and the exocannibalism (act of eating an individual human being outside their tribe or community.) But there was a study that cannibalism of modern day, are performed as rituals by some cult or a person under the influence of drugs or mentally imbalanced person such as schizophrenic. Some may eat human flesh for survival, this explains the following cannibalism stories included on this post.


Cannibalism (By: Leonhard Kern, 1650) Wilkipedia


1) Alfred “Alferd” Packer (January 21, 1842 – April 23,


Alferd Packer (

Alfred “Alferd” Packer was born on June 21,1842 he was an American prospector (physical search for minerals, fossils, precious metals or mineral specimens and also known as fossil hunter. He was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. On February 19, 1874, he left with other five friends for an expedition in San Juan Mountain in Colorado. After two months of expedition, Packer came back alone. He confessed killing his companions and eating their flesh to survive. He was sentenced for 40 years imprisonment. He was paroled on February 8, 1901 and worked as a guard in Denver post. He died on April 23,1907 at the age of 65 because “senility” and dementia caused by old age. The rumors spread that he became vegetarian until his death.

2) Albert Fish

Albert Fish (

Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish, born on May 19, 1870, was an American serial killer. He was also famous as the Gray Man, the Werewolf of Wysteria, the Brooklyn Vampire and the Boogeyman, a child rapist and a cannibal. Fish was a real-life delutional and sadistic monster, a pedophile. Grace Budd, 10 year-old kid from Manhattan, whom he met through as “applicant” he was supposed to hire, Edward Budd, 18 years old, kidnapped Grace, murdered and consumed her. After 6 years, he sent letter to the Budd’s family, and detailed his crime and he said the “pleasure” he had for committing the crime. He was later traced and convicted to death by electric chair on January 16, 1936, at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in New York. (

3) Revolutionary United Front (RUF)


Revolutionary United Front (



RUF Enlisted (



RUF Leader, Sankoh known as Papa (

Sankoh after his Stroke and downfall of his government (


The Revolutionary United Front (RUF), a group that was formed and based in Sierra Leone in Western Africa. In 1990′s the RUF, encountered difficult situation, in a bloody fight to to overthrow the central government. The RUF terrorized the rural Sierra Leone to control the country’s diamond mines. With the reinforcement of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia, the RUF committed horrifying activities by forcing children to join their army, and amputates limbs and practiced cannibalism of their enemies and that includes the UN personnel and staffs. The motive for eating the flesh of their enemies to gain more strength and power.

4) Issei Sagawa


Issei Sagawa (

Issei Sagawa’s Arrest 1981 (Wilkipedia)


He was a Japanese student taking up English Literature in Paris. He met and was obsess by his classmate, Renee Hartevelt, a Dutch nationality, on June 11, 1981, shot and dissected the body and ate his victim in two days. He was then arrested by the French Police and but later Judge Jean-Louis Bruguieres found him insane and cannot stand trial and was sent of the Mental Institution and deported to his land in Japan. He was born on June 11,1949, and he was 32 when committed the crime of murder and cannibalism, and now a freeman in Japan.

5) Andrei Chikatilo


Chikatilo Arrest on November 20, 1990 (Wilkipedia)



Andrei Chikatilo in Jail (


Andrei Romanov Chikatilo was born October 16, 1936, a Ukranian and a Soviet serial killer also called as Butcher of Rostov, Rostov Ripper or Red Ripper. Chikatilo was arrested and convicted of murder and mutilating and cannibalizing his 53 victims. During his teen age days he suffered chronic impotence that worsens his self-hatred. In 1963 he married and had a son and daughter, and became a teacher. In March 1981, his career as teacher ended because of child molestation against his pupil of both sexes. He first committed his murder on December 22, 1978 and the first victim was 9 year-old Yelena Zakotnova and was arrested on November 20, 1990. On February 14,1994 he was taken into a soundproof room in Novocherkassk prison and executed by firing him at the back of his head.


Severed Head of Chikato’s Victim used as Evidence in Court (

6) Mauerova Family


Klara Mauerova, Jakub 10, Ondrej, 8 and Barbara Skrlova (

Barbara Skrlova’s Arrest

Klara Mauerova, 31 and Barbara Skrlova both cult members of Grail Movement cult from the Czech Republic. Over the 8 month period, the members caged the two brothers, Jakub 10 and Ondrej 8 year-old sons of Klara, sexually abused, relatives eating their raw flesh by slicing them. This was discovered by a neighbor, who installed a monitor to keep watch on his new born baby. Incidentally, Klara installed the same kind of monitor to keep watch on her two sons in the cage. The cult members were arrested and Klara admitted to the crime, and some was able to flee. Barbara was arrested later and admitted their crimes.

7) Armin Meiwes

Armin Meiwes (

Meiwes in Court (

Armin Meiwes, born on December 1, 1961, a German, famously known as Rotenburg cannibal or the Master Butcher (Der Metzgermeister). Meiwes is a bisexual, and posts an ads through the internet like this: “looking for a well-built a 8 to 30 years old to be “slaughtered” and consumed”. Then Meiwes received responses from serious applicants voluntarily. Meiwes, then kill his victims, butchered and ate their fleshes. He killed his lover too and consumed his flesh. On May 10, 2006 he was arrested and convicted in Frankfurt and will serve life imprisonment.

8) Jeffrey Dahmer


Jeffrey Dahmer (

Jeffrey Dahmer during interview (Wilkipedia)

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, born on May 21, 1960, an American serial killer, sex offender, murdered 17 men and boys and most of his victims are Asian or African descent. He committed the crime between 1978 and 1991. But majority of the crimes occurred between 1978 and 1991. He first raped his victim, tortured, murdered, and dismembered them. Afterward he consumed the flesh of his victims, but he practiced Necrophilia all the time before his cut he victims. He was arrested and sentenced at the Columbia Correctional Institution and became a member of born again Christian. On November 28, 1994 he was beaten to death by his fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver, with a bar. Dahmer died of head trauma in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. This one of those human cannibalism stories that is hard to stomach.

9) Carib West Indian Tribe


Carib West Indian Tribes (



Karifuna Cultural Dancing Carib Dance, Modern day (

New generation of Kalinago tribe or Carib (

The Carib West Indian Tribes or Kalinago people, would chew and spit out one mouthful flesh of every dead brave warrior, belived that they will transfer the bravery; but no evidence of eating human flesh to satisfy hunger. Kalinago people practiced of keeping the bones of dead ancestors in their houses. During Columbus expedition, he and his forces found evidences of cannibalism practice everywhere.

10) The Wari Tribes

Wari Tribe (

The Wari people, performed two kinds of cannibal rituals, funeral and warfare, until 1960′s, when social workers from the government and missionaries, forced them to abandon cannibalistic practices. But the Wari’s practice of eating their dead loved ones is not for powers or health purposes, as other tribes belief, but part of grief and sorrow for the departed love ones. Ceremonial rites for the dead includes eating parts of the corpse of dead kin to help the grieving Wari dealing death and grief.

11) The Maori People

The Maori People (

Maori people were the early settlers of New Zealand, many centuries ago before the European settlers. They already practiced human cannibalism in modern era during the war. In 1809 of October, Maori people attacked a European ship, to revenge the maltreatment of Europeans to the Maori’s chieftain son. Almost 66 people on board the ship was killed and cannibalized by the Maori warriors. Few survivors was able to hide and witnessed how their shipmates were eaten by Maori’s tribe.

12) Tolai Tribes

Tolai Tribesmen (

A tribe in Papua New Guinea of the modern era, apologizes for their ancestors for killing and eating four of the 19th century missionaries led by British clergyman, Rev. George Brown, an adventurous Wesleyan missionary, who was born in Durham but spend his life by spreading christianity and word of God in the South Seas. In 1978 the Tolai tribesmen murdered the minister and three Fijian teachers and cooked and ate them, led by the Tolai chief Taleli.

13) Vince Li

Vince Li (

The Chinese immigrant murdered, beheaded and eaten the flesh of one passenger, Tim Mclean, 22 year-old on board a Greyhound bus. The bus was traveling along the Trans-Canada Highway in Western Canada. Almost three dozen of passengers witnessed the gruesome killing of Mclean. Li severed Mclean’s head and displayed it to some passengers outside the bus. Li was able to escape through the window but then arrested. According to some police report, they found scattered body parts of Mclean inside the bus. After the police arrested him, Li begged to kill him. He faced trial for the crime committed.

14) Robert Ackerman


Robert Ackerman as a child (

Josef Schweiger Victim of Ackerman (

Here’s another gruesome cannibalism story.

Robert Ackerman, 19, once a normal, intelligent and friendly boy; but in early teenhood, he had a psychological problem that worsened when their father abandoned them. When he was 15 years old he ran away from home, and was into drugs. He was addicted to methamphetamine and ecstacy and later on used harder drugs and committed crimes. He was arrested and but found out he was schizophrenic, and the German court said he was too ill to be imprisoned. In 2007 of August, Robert Ackerman who was 19 at that time, left Cologne, Germany and headed for Vienna, Austria where he will be confined in a nursing home for the mentally ill patients. Here, he had a roommate Josef Schweiger, 49, and had been confined there since June of 2007. But neighbor of Ackerman, saw him naked and crawling in the yard howling and as if dumping “something” and saw blood in his window. According to some theory, Ackerman accidentally killed Schweiger and was “fascinated with human anatomy”, ate the brain of Schweiger. He was then named ‘Vienna’s Teenage Cannibal Killer’, and was among the dangerous curiosity.

15) Stella Maris College Rugby Team


Survivors amongst the Wreckage in Mount Andes (Wilkipedia)



Parrado (left), Canessa with Chilean Huaso, Sergio Catalan (Wilkepedia)



The Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, also called the Andes Flight Disaster and ‘Miracle in the Andes’ in South America, carrying 45 passengers that includes the Rugby Team of Stella Maris College that crashed on October 13, 1972. Within the 72 days in Mount Andes, they ate the flesh of their deceased co-passengers to survived. There are 16 passengers who survived the tragic crash. Fernando ‘Nando” Parrado, 23 at the time of crash and Roberto Canessa, 19 years old at that time, a medical student, and the one suggested to eat human flesh to survived hunger; cross the mountain to find for help, and fortunately met Sergio Catalan, a Chilean Huaso, who fed them and asked for rescue from the authorities. All 16 survivors were rescued on December 23, 1972.

16) Norberto Manero (Philippines)


Norberto Manero (



Father Tullio Favali, killed by Manero (


Norberto Manero, Jr otherwise known as “Kumander Bucay”, chieftain of the notorious “Ilaga Gang”, a vigilante group formed to kill ‘Muslim rebels’. He was convicted for killing a missionary priest in April 11, 1985. Father Tullio Favali, in suspicion of helping the ‘revolutionary movement’, in Tulunan, North Cotabato, reported as after killing the priest they had eaten the brain. In 1970s and 1980s, the Ilaga gang practiced human cannibalism, they killed their Muslim victims, ate their flesh in their Ilaga and Moro rebel war. Ilaga in Visayan language means, ‘rat’. Manero served his sentence in 1987 and was released from jail in early 2008, and now a freeman in his town.

17) Moninder Singh and Surendra Koli (cook)


Moninder Singh Pandher (



Surendra Koli, Moninder domestic seravant and cook (


On December 30, 2006 in a property in Nithari, New Delhi, owned by Moninder Singh Pandher, a businessman. The authorities found parts of skulls of 19 people, four women and four boys and eleven girls. Moninder Pandher and his domestic servant, Surendra Koli were the prime suspects and both were arrested for murder, rape, kidnapping. Task force formed an investigation to identify the remains since there were 40 people missing and most of it are children in that area. Surendra Koli admitted to killing and eating eight children. He confessed to consuming the liver, and making “kebabs” out of the human flesh of their victims, and also admitted having sex with the corpse.

18) Kulina Tribesmen murder and Ate Farmer


Kulina Tribe suspect for Murder and Cannibalizing Ocelio Alves de Carvalho (source credit by: Kiran


Ocelio Alves de Carvalho, 19 a farmer, was found by relatives in a horrifying scene. Carvalho was mutilated, and his skull hanging on a tree in a reservation of Indian tribes in Amazon mountain. Maronitton da Silva Clementino, stated that Carvalho was attending to his cattles and group of Indian approached Carvalho and invited him to their village and was never seen again. The Military and Civil Police are prohibited to enter the tribal lands according to Brazil Law. Investigation and questioning the Kulina tribe were granted to the detectives. The tragic incident came from the Kulina Indians, this suspects were boasting they murdered, mutilated Carvalho and ate his internal organs, heart and cut his thighs. There were five suspects are on the run for this gruesome murder and cannibalizing the poor farmer.

19) Sergei Zhmaryov Computer Programmer Who Eats Grandma


Sergei Zhmaryov, 26 ( image credit by: Hugues Capet)


Sergei Zhmaryov, 26, a computer programmer was arrested after his father discovered he murdered his grandmother Lydia, 60 years old, whom he grew up with. The report said Sergei used a hard broken mirror, sliced his grandma’s face and ate it before he brutally killed her, in a unit in Simferopol, Ukraine. Sergei’s dad broke down and finds his mother brutally murdered and mutilated by his own son. Lydia (grandmother and victim), was found by his son lying in a pool of blood, her eyes, tongue, ears and lips was cut off and eaten by Sergei, and her skull was also crushed. Sergei was wearing a short-pants and holding a cross doing a funeral ritual, as he was described a religious fanatic.

This next human cannibalism story is very extreme. Please proceed with caution!

20) Baby Soup in China


Baby Lying on the Chopping Board (Photo Credit by: The Seoul Times)



Human Baby Soup, China (photo credit by: The Seoul Times)



Head of Boiled Baby, about to be served (photo credit by: The Seoul Times)


Human Baby soup are famous in the province of Guandong, China and now a trend for herbal soup for sexual performance powers, increasing stamina and health. This was an email report received by The Seoul Times , and confirmed that the report, a powerful frightening impact on the emotions and senses of the pictures of human fetus cooked for human consumption.

A new story post previously by ( source reported by Next Magazine in Hong Kong regarding human fetuses cooked as gourmet, and a servant named Ms Liu from Liao Ning province reported it to a journalist and local authority. Ms Kiu also said that “male fetuses” are prime human parts and expensive. Ms Liu accompanied the reporter/journalist to the “butcher’s place” and saw a woman chopping baby parts and preparing for the menu. The placenta are made into a famous stew. On March 22,2003, Police authorities of Bingyan, Guangxi province held 28 female fetuses smuggled in a truck from Yulin, Guangxi province bound for Houzhou in Anhui province.

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