Weird Cultures and Traditions

1) Long-Necked Karen Hilltribes

Karen Hilltribe/ Padaung

Long-Necked of Myanmar, Burma

The padaung or kareni tribes of Myanmar, Burma are now forming their community in Thailand. They coil around their necks copper to extend their neck and extremely make their neck long to 40 cm. and it is a sign of beauty for them. They are also called the “giraffe people”. Their necks are very weak and cannot hold long without the copper coil support.

Padong Long-Ears tribe

Padong long-ears tribe also found in Myanmar, Burma and mountain side of Thailand.

2) Scar-face Tribe of Burkina Faso


Scar-Faced Tribes of Burkina Faso


This tribesman of Burkina Faso, during their childhood they undergo a painful processing of marking their faces with razors, and continued the said process until they become adults. For them it is a symbol of bravery for the tribe and their village. But this tribes are beginning to fade out.

3) Plated Tribes (Muri and Mursi Tribes)


Muri Woman Tribe with Plates



Mursi Tribe-women with Plates



Mursi woman with Plate Removed


Muri Tribes and Mursi Tribes found in Omo Valley in Ethiopia.


Mursi Tribes men of Ethiopia


4) Dani Women of Baliem Valley


Dani Women Tribes of Baliem Valley


Women of Dani tribes cut their fingers every time they have deceased relatives. These tribes are different from Lani tribes and Yali tribes. Dani tribes are located Baliem Valley in Irian Jaya, West of Papua.

5) Huli Tribes or Wig Men Tribes


Huli Tribe or Wig-Men Tribes


The Huli tribesmen otherwise known as the “wig men tribes” located near Tari City in the Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea are more civilized than other tribes located in mountainous areas of Papua New Guinea. The Huli tribe paint their faces, decorate their body especially their heads with their handmade wigs from colorful bird feathers.

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