Scary, Freaky and Eerie Haunted Places

Have you ever been in a scary, freaky or eerie haunted places? Below I made a list of the most haunted places in the world. But before I continue, let me share my short haunting experience first.

So Are you afraid of the dark? In my case Yes, very much, especially when I am traveling alone in a dark and foggy street, whether it is in a remote area or busy street, in my mind ghosts will appear anytime. And maybe you will just realize that you are not alone in the car. There are many unexplained phenomena in the world, some believe it but some don’t. Some say, “to see, is to believe”. I remember when I was 12 years old, my family rented a big 7 bedroom house. Many of my dad’s friend warned, not to take the house, but we did live in that haunted house for 2 years. One 4 am, I woke up to pee, I saw a lady in black, but on an upside-down floating position. I screamed but my dad said it was just my imagination. But all of us experienced the nasty black lady, but my dad didn’t elaborate much about his own experiences too, so we won’t get too scared and after the contract we moved out from that creepy house.

1) Bessie Little Bridge, Dayton

Bessie Little Bridge, Dayton (education.enzineseeker)


Bessie Little Bridge (

On August 27, 1896, Albert J. Frantz murdered his girlfriend Bessie, by shooting her twice with a gun, upon learning Bessie was pregnant and don’t want to take the responsibility of marrying her. And since that time on, the little ghosts of Bessie said to be seen wandering around the bridge on Ridge street. On November 19,1897, Albert J. Prantz #28896, was executed by electric chair in Ohio Penitentiary in Columbus for first degree murder. The ghost of Bessie continue to haunt the Little Bridge of Dayton.

2) The Screaming Tunnel, Warner Road

Screaming Tunnel, Warner Road (


Screaming Tunnel (

The Screaming Tunnel in Warner road is said to be haunted by a young girl’s scream, who was able to escape a nearby burning building, with her clothes on fire. But she died within the walls of the tunnel. Some legend say, that the young girl’s father set the fire after losing custody of his children after divorce from his wife. Some said the young girl was raped and murdered and was burned so that no evidence will be seen in the area.

3) Kelly Road, Ohioville, Pennsylvania

Kelly Road, Ohioville Pennsylvania (

This one-mile section of Kelly road, a short area that numerous story that strange and paranormal happening occurs in this place. According to some stories, when a peaceful and quite animal passes or entered this road, suddenly they change into a violent creature running after people or other animals. Noise are being heard in this creepy and eerie area of forest, and some said maybe because this land was cursed for some reason.

4) Ohio University, America

The Ridges-Lin Hall of Ohio University (

This building was the former Athens Hospital for Insane, Athens Asylum from 1874-1993, and said the first patients admitted in this hospital are the Civil War veterans suffering from post-traumatic illness till their death, and said to haunt this building.

Wahinton Hall, Ohio University

In this hall, ghosts of girls basketball team, killed in a bus accident, haunts this Washington Hall, where they always stay to practice basketball.

Bush Hall Ladies Dormitory, Ohio University

Bush Hall ladies dormitory was haunted, and can hear mysterious noises.


5) Haunted Alcatraz Prison, San Francisco

Alcatraz Prison Cells, San Francisco (

Alcatraz Prison View (

The native American believed that this island is cursed and haunted by the troubled souls who died centuries ago from murders, accidents, and suicides; and with this Alcatraz was known for the most haunted and scary places in the world. Some story came that the lighthouse reappeared in some occasion and you can hear screaming, sobbing or clanging or strange whistle sound, especially on foggy night. And following of greenlight flashes from the lighthouse and slowly vanishes.The Alcatraz Prison is one of the most haunted places in the world.

6) Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Scotland (


Edinburgh Castle, Scotland (Wilkipedia)

The medieval castle located atop the rocky steep rugged rock, viewing the Scottish hills. But in spite of this magnificent castle, lies a scary ghost story that mysterious voices echoing on the narrow hall of the castle and street. This include the South Bridge vaults and prison cells, and a street where they bury the dead people who died in a calamity, during the French Seven Year war and American war of Independence, that haunts the Edinburgh Castle.

7) Hotel Del Coronado (The Ghosts of Kate Morgan)

Hotel del Coronado Stair (

The stairway where Kate Morgan’s body was found with bullet wounds in her head.

Ghosts of Kate Morgan in Hotel Del Coronado (

In Southern California, city of Coronado just south of San Diego, a stunning Victorian Resort hotel is located. On the 4th year old of the Hotel del Coronado, a young and beautiful woman, checked-in on November 24, 1892, named Kate Morgan. During her stay in the luxurious hotel, there was a report that claimed she was very ill because of overdose of Quinine tablet to abort her unwanted baby. (Quinine Tablets are used for Malaria patients). But on November 29, an argument was heard and later found Kate Morgan, outside the steps of the stair of Hotel del Coronado, with a single gunshot wound in her temple and found a gun near her body. They ruled it as suicide, and from that time on, strange noises and phenomena are seen and heard. Some hotel guests and staffs claimed they occasionally see a ghostly image of a woman in a Victorian dress wandering the hallways of the hotel.


8) Ghosts of the Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

Ghosts of the Stanley Hotel (

The Stanley Hotel is located in Estes Park, Colorado, and if you intend to check-in in this hotel, turn on your television set on channel 42, and you could watch your old time favorite movies; The Shining, and it is always on, whether it is day or night of the year. Oftentimes you can hear noises from a commotion of a grand party, and children can be heard playing the halls. At the 4th floor, a particular ghost is seen looking out the window of room 407, and claimed to be Lord Dunraven’s ghost. He is the original owner of the land and said to be blamed for the missing jewelries and valuable items in the hotel for many years.

9) Ghost of the Hunted Carolina Inn

Carolina Inn, America’s Top 10 Haunted Hotels (

Carolina Inn -Suite 252 (

Carolina Inn was built in 1924 by the alumnus and successful businessmen, and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The board of trustee, John Sprunt Hill, said this hotel was built to cater the School’s visitors and alumni. A physician, Dr William Jacocks of the Rockefeller Foundation’s International Health Division, lived in Room 252, from 1948 until his death in 1965. Dr Jacock, described as a jolly person and a gentleman, with a sense of humor, and some believed that his spirit remains in suite 252.

10) The Grove Park Inn

Grove Park Inn Resort (

The Grove Park Inn “host” a ghost dressed in pink, and ‘scaring’ the hotel guests and staffs for centuries. In 1920, the legend of a young woman in pink dress, fell to her death from room 545 down to the hotel’s Palm Court Atrium. Since then, unexplained eerie feeling can be felt when you are inside room 545.

11) Raynham Hall (Ghost of the Brown Lady)

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England

Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England (Wilkipedia)

Lady Dorothy Walpole (

The ghost of the Brown Lady appears occasionally in Raynham Hall, and it was believed to be Lady Dorothy Walpole’s ghosts. The Brown Lady was seen wearing a brocade brown dress, that’s why it was named the Brown Lady Ghost. In 1726, Lady Dorothy Walpole died in a mysterious way and the paranormal sightings began. In 1936, the famous ghostly image was captured. Major Loftus and a friend named Hawkins, staying at the Raynham Hall in 1849, saw a woman in brown brocade dress but vanished, as Major Loftus approached her. The next night he again saw the Brown Lady, but now was in shock and horrified, seeing the Brown Lady, has no eyes and only dark-sockets, where her eyes should be. This is definitely a scary haunted place, that I wouldn’t dare visit.

12) Clifton Hall, England

Clifton Hall, England (Wilkipedia)


Clifton Hall, Today (Wilkipedia)

In 11th Century, this property owned by the Clifton family until it was sold in 1958. And it became a school, and another school and another school, became a luxury apartment, and became a private residence of Anwar Rashid and family. The Rashid family experienced the paranormal sightings, by hearing knocking sound, a man’s voice and strange noise. After 8 months the Rashid family, fled the Clifton Hall.

13) The Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman (Wilkipedia)

Captain Hendrik van der Decken, swore that he would navigate around the Cape of Good Hope till his doomsday came. The captain’s ship name was The Flying Dutchman, and now seen in the area, it will appear suddenly as if to crash another ship but vanishes soon it get closer to the ship. It was believed that when this phantom ship showed it is a bad omen. In 1881, the future King George V of England wrote, as he saw the sightings: “At 4 a.m., the Flying Dutchman crossed our bows. A strange red light as of a phantom ship all aglow, in the midst of which light the most spars and sail of a brig 200 yards distant stood out in strong relief as she came up on the port bow”. The following morning the sailor who originally saw the sighting fell from the vessel and died.

14) Ghost of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Ghosts (

Abraham Lincoln (Wilkipedia)

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (Wilkipedia)

The image of assassination of President Abraham Lincoln: from left to right; Henry Rathbone, Clara Harris, Mary Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth,(the American actor and assassin of Lincoln) in Ford Theater. Abraham Lincoln had a premonition before his tragic death. Lincoln’s ghost has been seen by many residents, friends and visitors of the White House. One of them was Winston Churchill, claiming he saw the President, standing near the fireplace, and said “Good evening, Mr President. You seem to have me at disadvantage”, and Lincoln smiled and vanished.

15) Ghosts of Queen Anne Boleyn

Queen Anne Boleyn (Wilkipedia)

Queen Anne Boleyn (Wilkipedia)

St Mary’s Church Erwarton (Wilkipedia)

Here in St Mary’s Church Erwarton, the heart of Queen Anne Boleyn was buried.

Queen Anne Boleyn was beheaded on May 19th, 1536 because of allegedly false accusation implied on her like adultery, incest and witchcraft. Her ghosts wandered around as seen by people in different places like Hever Castle, Blickling Hall, Salle Church, Marwell Hall and the famous Tower of London. But some who have seen her ghost claimed that it was scary to see Queen Anne headless ghost and her head tuck in her arm.

16) Bancho Sarayashiki

Himeji Castle, Himeji,Hyogo, Japan (Wilkipedia)

Okiku’s Well (Wilkipedia)

Okiku Image (Wilkipedia)

A famous Japanese-ghost-story of Okiku and the 9 plates. In Ninyo Joruri version: The lord of the Himeji castle Hosokawa Katsumoto fell very ill. The heir to the throne, Tomonosuke plans to give a set of 10 precious plates to the Shogun to be sure of his succession to the throne. But the Chief Retainer, Asayama Tetsuzan made a plot to take over the power. Tetsuzan force Okiku to help him with is plan to murder Tomonosuke, the successor to the throne; but Okiku refuses, since she was engaged to Funase Sampei Taketsune, the right hand of Tomonosuke. Tetsuzan broke the 9 plates and kept it and beat Okiku with wooden sword and pushed her to the well and let her die. Since then, the ghost of Okiku could be heard from the deep well crying.

17) The White Lady of Balite Drive, Philippines

Balite Drive, Philippines (

Balite Drive, New Manila, Quezon City ™

White Lady, Balite Drive (

Most common type of ghosts are the White Lady, and according to folklore, these unfortunate young women are raped and brutally murdered, and re-appear to any person to take revenge on their sudden death. The White lady of Balite drive, according to some stories, she stand at the middle of the road suddenly, so the driver who will try to avoid hitting ‘her’, sometimes meet their tragic accident, they will be lucky enough if they survived the accident; or sometimes the white lady hitchhiked, you will just see in your rear mirror, that the white lady is occupying the back seat.

18) Resurrection Mary

Resurrection Mary (

Resurrection Cemetery (Wilkipedia)

Disappearing Hitchhiker (

From the Northeast on Archer Lane between the Willowbrook Ballroom and Resurrection cemetery in Justice, Illinois. Those who experienced the freaky and eerie hitchhiker of Resurrection, described the “lady’ as light blond hair, blue eyes and wearing a white party dress and had been dead since 1930s. If she will be picked up by traveler, she will stop the driver in front of the cemetery and suddenly vanished inside the car.

19) Chloe and the Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana

Ghost of Chloe and the Myrtles Plantation (

Chloe was a servant of the Myrtles plantation, who had a bad habit of listening at keyholes. One day she was caught by the master of the house and cut her ears as punishment, and so she was forced to wear a green turban over her head to keep her wounded ears. In revenge Chloe baked a cake and mix oleander leaves, a poisonous plant in the south. Her victims was the wife the two children of the master of the house, who died after a couple of days. Chloe fled the house, but was punished by the field’s workers of the plantation. Some tale story is about a young girl who cast Voodoo over the people in Myrtle plantation and frequently seen in the mirror near the staircase.

Myrtles Plantation (

Staircase of Myrtles Plantation House (

This staircase where William Winter died on the 17th steps (David Wisehear)

Mysterious Mirror of Myrtles House (

This freaky mirror holds the soul of those who died in the Myrtles Plantation house.

20) La Llorona of Latin America


La Llorona, The Weeping Ghosts (



La Llorona Ghosts of Latine America (copyright image:C.Wilkins)

Maria La Llorona was a mistress of a rich young man, and have three children from her previous marriage. But since her lover have to work out of town, she feels betrayed and think that her children are hindrance to their relationship. She took her children to the river and drown them to death. But when she realized the lost of her children she started to cry and killed herself. The following day the villagers found her body at the river bank and laid her to rest. From that time on they could hear crying lady coming from the river and many saw a lady in white down the river.

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