Bizarre and Unusual Cause of Death

The cessation or coming to an end of life is called “death”; vital functions of the human body, heartbeat, brain activity and breathing will stop. There are many reason or cause of death, there are death that is expected to come, after a terminal case diagnosis to a patient, unexpected illness and accidents. Though there are death that made voluntarily by an individual known as “suicide”. Some people face death with fear, but there are people who face death bravely and with courage, thousgh some still hope for miracle cure. There are death that comes suddenly and in very unusual way or tragic death; you may see the person in the morning and may be in the later part of the day, you will learn that this person passed away. Here are some unusual cause of death, for us to be always prepared and have precautions. As the saying goes. “Life is Too Short”, and the Angel of Death will just come and fetch his victim.

Angel of Death

1) Gloria Ramirez, The Toxic Lady

Gloria Ramirez, the Toxic Lady

Gloria Ramirez, medical mystery of her death

Gloria Ramirez, the 31 year old patient who died in a mysterious and unusual way of death and was named the “toxic lady”. On February 19, 1994, about 8:15 in the evening, Ramirez’s was rushed at the Riverside General Hospital Riverside, California suffering from acute cervical cancer and severe “bradycardia” (resting of heart rate under 60 beats per minute) and Cheyne-Stokes respiration (abnormal pattern of breathing or gradual decrease resulting to temporary stop breathing called “apne”.  A staff nurse named Susan Kane, draw blood from Ramirez for hospital procedure of series of test for laboratory purposes. Kane passed the syringe to Maureen Welch a respiratory therapist and smelled the ammonia scent, thus she passed the syringe to medical student Julie Gorchynski, who fainted after Kane and Welch, followed by other emergency staffs.  They evacuated all emergency patients to a parking lot, and some emergency personnel was left behind to attend to Ramirez. At 8:50 in the evening, Ramirez was pronounced dead from kidney failure.The strange cause of death was never known and still unsolved.

2) Garry Hoy, Lawyer from Toronto, Canada

man throw his body through window glass

accidental leap of death

Gary Hoy, was a lawyer for the Holden Day Wilson law firm in Toronto, Canada. On July 9, 1993, Garry Hoy, was showing his partners, that the window glass of the Toronto-Dominion Centre, was unbreakable (which he always performed the same stunts) always. Garry Hoy was a professional engineer, before he became a lawyer. But this time, when he throw himself into the window glass, the window frame gave away, and Garry Hoy fell from the 24th story building. In 1996, Garry Hoy as recognized by the Darwin Award for his unusual death.

3)  Brandon Lee, American Actor, son of Famous Bruce Lee

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee, The Crow

The death of Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, was shot and killed accidentally while filming The Crow. Actor Michael Massee, played the villain in this movie, who fired the gun with was supposed a blank bullet in it.

4) Clarabelle Lansing, Aloha Air Hostess, 1988

Clarabelle 'CB'Lansing, air hostess of Aloha Air 243

Aloha Airlines 243

Clarabelle Lansing, a flight stewardess of the Aloha Airlines Flight 243, a Boeing 737 Flight, was sucked-out when the central body  of the airplane where the wings and tail are attached, an area that accommodates the passengers, crew and the cargoes, was tore-off.

5) Sharon Lopatka (October 16, 1996)

Sharon Lopatka

Robert Frederick Glass, alleged killer in an internet assisted suicide

Sharon Lopatka shallow grave

Sharon Rina Lopatka, an internet entrepreneur from Hampstead, Maryland, advertising pornography in the internet and unusual sexual fetishes (sexual desires on objects, individuals or situations), searched for a man who would torture and kill her, and found Robert Frederick Glass, a computer analyst of North Carolina. They both had a deal about the “consensual homeside” or assisted suicide (killing one person with consent). They met in North Carolina, and Lopatka was tortured for many days before Glass strangled her to death. A related story of these “assisted suicide is the case of Bernd Jurgen Armando Brandes, by Armin Meiwes, in mediated internet-cannibalistic killing in March 2001 in Germany.

Bernd Jurgen Brandes, victim of Cannibal Armin Meiwes

Armin Meiwes

Bernd-Jurgen Brandes from Germany, answered an advertisement in an internet “of a man willing to be killed and eaten”, by Armin Meiwes. The two met on March 9,2001 in Meiwes home in Rotenburg. He then first cut Brandes’ penis and both tried to eat it. But Brandes became so weak because of loosing amount of blood. Meiwes then stab him many times in the neck, chopped his body, store and ate the flesh for several months, thus Meiwes was named the Cannibal of Rotenburg.

6)  Kevin Whitrick, British Engineer, on Cyber suicide

Kevin Whitrick Britain first cyber suicide

Kevin Whitrick, suicide online

Kevin Neil Whitrick, a 42 year-old British electrical engineer, died in an unusual death of hanging himself on a media presentation-suicide or web casted around the PalTalk chat room, where 60 online chatters witnessed the actual scene of Whitrick suicide.

7)  Bena Tshadi, Football Team killed by Lightning, October, 1998

Bena Tshadi, Football Team killed by lightning in October 1998, Republic of Congo

Curing a match in the Republic of Congo, the association of football team of Bena Tshadi, was killed by the lightning but sparing the Basanga team from the killer lightning.

8) Brian Douglas Wells, the Pizza Man

Brian Douglas Wells

Brian Douglas Wells, pizza man, died on his own bomb threats

Brian Wells, with his collar-bomb locked on his neck

Brian Douglas Wells 47, an American pizza delivery man, who was killed by a time bomb installed in a collar metal cuff astened in his neck. The planned botch crime with Wells two accomplices, Kenneth Barnes and Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, told Wells that the supposedly bombs are fake, but later on Wells found out it was real bomb fastened on his neck.  Wells entered the bank with a cane-shaped shotgun and demanded $250,000, claiming that he was a hostage by three people, attached him with a bomb to rob the bank and threat to kill Wells if he would not follow the task given to him. It was believed that Dihl and her conspirators killed Wells to reduced “witnesses”. The bomb blasted before the bomb squad had arrived on the scene.

9) Lee Seung Seop, Korean died after 50 hours playing online games

Lee Seung Seop, playing StarCraft online game for 50 hours

StarCraft online game

Lee Seung Seop played StarCraft for 50 hours in an internet cafe in Taegu City, Korea, collapsed and  died of cardiac arrest.

10) Boris Sagal, Film Director Decapitated by Helicopter

Boris Sagal with Sarah Zwilling, television and film director

Boris Sagal director, decapitated

Boris Sagal, the Ukranian born, American director for film and television, died after walking through the tail rotor-blade of an helicopter while shooting World War lll, and he was decapitated.

11) Vic Morrow

Vic Morrow

Vic Morrow, decapitated from Helicopter Crash

Victor “Vic” Morrow was an American actor, well known for his 1960’s TV series Combat. Vic Morrow and child actors My-Ca Dinh Le, 7 years old and 6 year-old Renee Shin-Yi Chen, died when an hovering helicopter crash on them during the filming of Twilight Zone:The Movie on July 23,1982, killing them instantly, and decapitating Morrow. He died at 53 years old.

12) Nick Piantanida , Skydiver

Nick Piantanida

Nick Piantanida with Janice, skydiving

Nick Piantanida, skydiver

Nick Piantanida's jump

Nick after a failed parachute jumping, in coma till his death

Nick Piantanida, a New Jersey truck driver, died after four months in coma after his third failed to set a record of high-altitude parachute jumping over 120,000 feet Super sonic free fall on May 5, 1966. His face mask depressurized at 57,000 ftmark, and the lack of oxygen resulted in brain damaged that put him into coma until his death on August 29, 1966, four months after his tragic jump.

13) Christine Chubbuck, Sarasota TV News Reporter

Christine Chubbuck, TV News Reporter, committed suicide live on her TV show

Christine Chubbuck TV news reporter

Chubbuck's gun used to commit suicide on her show

Chritine Chubbuck, an Amrican tTV news reporter of WXLT-TV, in Sarasota, Florida, now known as WWSB station. Cubbuck shot herself behind her right ear during a live broadcast of her television morning show, Suncoast Digest on July 15,1974.

14) James William “Jimi” Heselden, Segway,Inc owner,Philanthropist, Businessman,Inventor

James Heselden, Segway,Inc owner

Jimi Heselden owner Hesco Bastion and Segway,Inc

Hesco bastion assembled by soldiers

James William “Jimi” Hedelsen, a British entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist, and inventor (developing Hesco bastion) for barrier system that made his fortune. In 2010 he became the owner of Segway,Inc., producing Segway personal transport system. But on the fateful day of September 26, 2010, Hedelsen died from multiple injuries when he fell from a cliff riding his Segway.

15)  Robert Budd Dwyer, Pennsylvania American Politician

Robert Budd Dwyer, before committing suicide

R. Budd Dwyer, public suicide

Robert Budd Dwyer , the 30th Treasurer of Pennsylvania committed “public suicide” in the morning of January 22,1987, during a press conference in his public office in Harrisburg. He was accused of receiving bribe from a multimillon-dollar contract from California company. He claimed he was framed and was innocent of the charges. He pulled his gun during a televised conference and killed himself.

16)  Payne Stewart, Golfer

Payne Stewart American golfer died from Airplane accident

Payne Stewart, American golfer

Payne Stuart , a professional American golfer and five others died of hypoxia or cyanosis, when the airplane lost cabin pressure in-flight , and the plane continued to fly on auto-pilot for several hours, before running out of fuel and crashed  in South Dakota.

1999 South Dakota Learjet

17) Acton Beale, Fall to his death from Planking

Acton Beale fell to his death while planking

Acton Beale planking to death from 40th floor


Acton Beale, the 20 year-old guy from Brisbane, Australia , who died from the trend of  planking, on the porch of his apartment landing on an SUV.

18)  Mike Edwards,

Mike Edwards

hay bales

Mike Edwards, a cello player of ELO, killed by rolling 600kilogram hay bale

Mike Edwards a cello player of ELO (Electric Light Orchestra, 1972) also called Swami Deva Pramada (change his name to Pramada since he became sannyasin of Osho Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, meaning “divine contentment”. Edawards was killed on September 3, 2010 at the age of 62,  when a 600 kilograms cylindrical hay bale rolled down a hill and collide into his car as he was driving.

  Amy Rosa Coxall, 15 years old British student in Hong Kong

Amy Rose Coxall, 15 died in go kart freak accident in Hong Kong

Go-Kart where Amy Coxall was strangled to death accidentally when her scarf tangled

19) Jennifer Lea Strange, died of Water Intoxication

Jennifer Lea Strange, 28, died of water intoxication

Jennifer Strange with husband and children

Jennifer Lea Strange, a 28 year-old wife and mother of two, died of water intoxication when she joined the contest for “Hold Your Wee for Wii” in a KDND 107.9 Radio station. The contest involves drinking of big amount of water without urinating and can win a Nintendo Wii console. Strange died of water intoxication. After almost three years, the family was awarded $16,577,118 as a result of her untimely death.

20) Savannah Hardin, 9 years old killed by Grandmother

Savannah Hardin, 9 years old from Alabama (

Savannah Hardin grandmother and stepmom alleged murderers

Savannah Hardin, a 9 year-old girl who was punished by her Grandmother and Stepmother to run for straight three hours for lying eating a candy bar. Her father is working abroad. She died of dehydration and seizures.

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