Strange Health and Beauty Treatments

After a medical diagnosis, most patients look for alternative treatments or therapy. But for other people looking at their growing old skin and body (especially for a woman), it would be disturbing and alarming seeing wrinkles on their face or their sagging skin. There are lot of beauty salons offering various beauty treatments that could be gross, wacky, scary and creating goose bumps skin treatment for other people. The term SPA or balneotherapy (spa town or bathing place), is related with water treatment.

Waterfall, Carolus SPA in Aachen, Germany

1) Cupping and Fire Cupping Therapy

Back Cupping treatment

Fire cupping, originates from China

Fire Cupping

after cupping treatment, red marks on the skin result

Cupping therapy used by ancient Chinese to detoxify and treat common colds, bronchitis and pneumonia and also treat the back, neck shoulder and other muscle aches.It involves cups made of plastic, glass or bamboo and create a vacuum on the patient’s skin.

2)  LED Red Light Treatment

LED Red Light Treatment

Red Light treatment

Red light therapy can treat many kind of diseases, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, neonatal jaundice, wounds, sleep disorders and psychiatric disorders.

3) Mud-Bath Treatment

Volcano mud bath spa

Mud bath for nerves and joints treatment

Mud bath therapy is a treatment for muscle aches, arthritis, rheumatism, detoxify your body and enhance your skin.

4) Bee Treatment

Propolis in beehive

Beehive propolis raw shaving

Bee Propolis is produced by bees to protect their beehives, a sticky wax-like substance, gathered from different flower nectar.  The bee propolis are used in dermatology purposes such as skin regeneration, skin ulcers, open wounds and lesions, enhance immunity and protect the liver too.

Bee-sting Venom Therapy

bee sting therapy

Bee Venom for agile joints

The bee sting therapy used for treating M.S., arthritis, rheumatism, phlebitis (inflammation of veins, usually in the legs and arms and thrombosis or blood clots.

5)  Cracked-heel Treatments

Cracked heels treatment

Cracked-heels or Callus Heels

Cracked-heel Treatment, soaking feet in water and oatmeal, then peel with pumice stone

Pumice stone

Heel fissures or commonly known as cracked heels or callus heel, are cause by xerosis or dry skin, which is a common problem, specially women who wears ‘open sandals”. The severe cracked-heels are painful. Some treatment used are oil with moisturizing cream and rub with pumice stone to remove the “dead skin”. Some soak their feet in water with oatmeal to soften the callus.

6)  Dead Skin Treatment or Fish Treatment

Fish Foot SPA

Fish SPA (Garra Rufa and Guide for Fish foot spa

Live fish therapy is now popular among SPA centers, where the clients usually soak their feet in a pool full of small fish, or even sit underwater so every dead skin in your body will be “clean up”. Then you can feel the nibbling and sucking fish in your flesh.

7) Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone therapy

Hot Stone therapy

The stone massage therapy is used by professional therapist, where they perform a massage to your body and plcae the hot smooth and flat stones on key points of your body. Some therapist used volcanic rock.

8) Slow Life Treatments

Slow Life Treatment,Six Sense

The Six Sense Slow Life Treatment is a soothing massage techniques to reduce the cellulite appearance, relive muscle aches, back pains, muscle cramps, and treat nervous systems. It also helps obesity problem, slow bowel movement and patients with prostate cancer.

Shirodhara Ayurveda  Oil Therapy

Shirodhara Ayurveda Therapy

Shirodhara oil ayurveda therapy treats stressful mind and soul

The Shirodhara treatment is a kind of Ayurveda medicine performed by pouring gently on the client’s forehead (called the “third eye) with liquid or oil. These kind of is beneficial for people with stress, migraine, falling hair and many more cases related to hair problem. Also beneficial for people with paralysis, in comma and balancing the hormones.

Udvartana Body Scrub and Massage

Udvartana body scrub massage

Udvartana Massage therapy

9) Leech Treatment

Leech Therapy facial treatment

Leech Therapy for Psoriasis treatment

This blood-sucking leech are now used to help patients with skin diseases, eye disease, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, migraines, and many more.

10) Snake Massage Therapy

Snake massage treatment in a SPA in Israel

Snake Massage therapy

11) Nightingale Poop Facial Treatment or Geisha treatment

Nightingale poop facial treatment

Nightingale excrement facial treatment

The bird’s poops is now a popular facial treatment not only in Japan (they call it Geisha facial treatment), but now very popular in many parts of the world.

12) Snail Facial Treatment

Snail massage therapy

Snail facial massage

13) Tomato Facial Treatment

Tomato and Oats, Blackhead treatment facial scrub

Tomato and Lime

Tomato Juice extract

The tomato and lime, prevents blackheads and beneficial for oily skin. It also cure acne, and creates a smooth, soothing and clean face after using tomato extracts.

Cucumber Eye bags treatment

Cucumber for eyes

Cucumber slices for eye-bag treatment

Cucumber treats eye bags and dark circled eyes.

Avocado Facial Treatment

Avocado and honey face masks, best for dry skin

avocado and yogurt face mask

Avocado facial mask

Green Tea Treatment for Acne

Green Tea treatment for acne

Green Tea

14) Red Wine Treatment

Red wine facial mask

Red wine bath therapy

Red Wine leaf therapy

Beer Bath Therapy

Beer Bath therapy

Beer Bath Therapy

15) Milk Bath Therapy

Milk bath therapy with honey and rose petals

Milk bath tub

Milk and honey, open pores treatment

16)  Seaweed Treatment

Detoxifying Seaweed cellulite treatment

Seaweed facial treatment

17) Bull Semen Hair Treatment

Bull Semen Hair SPA

Bull semen hair treatment

Head Lice Treatment

Head lice on the head

Listerine mouthwash, use to fight head lice

Olive Oil have many health benefits, also remedy for head lice treatment


Head lice infestations are very disturbing especially on children, when they begin to scratch their scalps, and create wounds and if not attended head lice will continue to multiply and cause wound infection on scalp. I found these “remedies” by moms who tried the treatment. When you apply Listerine mouthwash on the head, leave it for two hours  , wrap with towel and rinse and comb the hair. Same procedure with the olive oil and mayonnaise. Mayonnaise when massage on the scalp it eliminates dandruff and make your hair healthy.

18) 24-K Gold Facial Treatment

Gold Facial treatment

Gold facial treatment

19) Chocolate Facial Treatment

Chocolate facial for cell repair

Chocolate Facial mask to make younger skin

20)  Vampire Face Lift

Vampire Face lift, injecting patient's own blood to stay looking younger

Vampire treatment, acne, scars treatment with blood collagen

Vampire Facelift (before and after treatment), using own blood for rejuvenating aging

Vampire face lift procedure is extracting the patient’s blood and inject on facial parts as botox treatment, eleminating wrinkles and make the skin younger looking.

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Image by:Ilya Natmushin

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