Peculiar Collecting Hobbies

A hobby is an activity or interests because of pleasure or just for relaxation purposes, such as gardening, bird-watching, hunting, woodcarving and collecting products or favorite items. However, collecting of items are becoming an obsession for some collectors, thus, it makes them weird or peculiar with the kind of collections they gathered. Some collectors would go to other places to search for collectible products of their choice. Some peculiar collectors would even build their own museum, and would love to show their visitors their unusual hobbies of collections. Are you one of these collectors? I always love collecting Disney characters from toys to other stuffs.

Disney character toys

Disney Tarzan terk stuff toy

1) Collecting Harley Davidson Motor bikes

Harley Davidson 1000 cc HT, 1916 model

Harley Davidson 1000 cc HT, 1923 model

Harley Davidson 1200 cc SV, 1931 model

Harley Davidson 10

Harley Davidson Hummer

Harley Davidson Liberator

2) Collecting Vintage Cars

Larry's Vintage Car Collections

Larry's 1918 Oldsmobile Club Roadster

Larry's 1937 Hardtop Convertible Streetrod

Larry's Crosley 1947 Coupe Roadster

Larry's Frod 1966 CAV-GT 40 Coupe

3) Graham Barker Bellybutton Fluff Peculiar Collections

Graham Barker showing his belleybutton fluffs collections

Graham Barker Navel fluff collections

Graham Barker, the 45 year-old from Perth, Australia began collecting lints or clinging bits of fibers or fluffs from his belly button for the past 26 years, which he started collecting on January 17, 1984, while on a holiday. Every night, it was his “habit” of collecting lints and place it on  clay pot. And now, this peculiar collections of lints from his navel is a record breaking 22.1 grams fluffs.

4) Barney Smith with his Peculiar Collections, Art of Toilet Seats

Barney Smiths Art of Toilet Seats collections

Barney Smiths, showing his work of arts

Barney Smith, a master plumber from San Antonio, Texas, turned his garage into a “Museum of Toilet Seats Arts”, a peculiar collections of toilet seats, with different work of arts on it. Barney Smith loves showing his visitors his weird museum.

5) Jean Guy Laquerre, Santa Claus Collector

Jean Guy Laquerre with his collections of Santa Claus

Jean Guy Laquerre and his collections

Jean Guy Laquerre, a 74 year-old, the collector of 25,139 Santa Claus stuffs, which he started the collection in 1988 and in 22 years, he was able to collect awesome, peculiar and cute Santa Claus. Laquerre’s obsession on Santa Claus collection began when his aunt gave him a present of a 20th century Santa Claus figure 20 years ago.

Lynne Haney and his Santa Claus Collections

Lynn Haney and his Santa Claus

Lynn Haney's "Walking in Winterland Santa"

Lynn Haney's "Where the Treetop Glisten Santa"

Lynn Haney's Santa Claus

Lynn Haney's Santa Claus Collections

Ginger and Spice Santa

Fleur de Lis Santa Haney

Santa Claus

Mr Lynn Haney collection and producing different kinds of Santa Claus figures began in 1987. Haney, a Master Degree in Arts, began teaching other artists to sew costumes, paint Santa’s faces, and craft the figures and Haney will do the final touches. The collections are available in Chesterfield, VA, and see more Santa Claus figures in different style and costumes.

6) Bettina Dorfmann, Barbie Doll Collector

Bettina Dorfmann's Barbie dolls collections

Bettina Dorfmann, and her Barbie Dolls

Bettina Dorfmann's Collections

Vintage Midge Barbie Doll

Midge Barbie doll collections

Bettina Dorfmann owns 6,025 Barbie Dolls collections. Bettina Dorfmann, 48 year-old from Germany, began collecting Barbie dolls 12 years ago. Her obsession began when she first owned a rare Midge doll from Barbie maker company, the Mattel in 1963. The Barbie doll celebrated its 50th Anniversary last March 9 (first Barbie dolls produced started on March 9, 1959). Dorfmann created a “Barbie Clinic” where she replaces broken limbs, fix Barbie lost hairs, sew beautiful gowns and dresses in Duesseldorf, Germany.

7) Wine Bottle Collectors

Wine bottle collections

Vodka and Wine bottle collections

French Wine Collector with his expensive wine

8) Wine Glass Collections

16th to 17th Century Wine Glass

Wine Glass with Animation designs

Peculiar Wine glass designs

Wine glass with Decanter collections

9) Paul McLeod and his Collection of Elvis Presley Memorabilia

Elvis Presley Memorabilia

Paul Mcleod ( /APPhoto/Rogelio V.Solis

Paul McLeod's "Graceland Too"

Paul McLeod, 68, an Elvis Presley fanatic fan and began collecting Presley’s memorabilia 58 years ago. He was an obsessed Elvis Presley fan, and even name his son as Elvis Aaron. McLeod created his mother’s 150 plus years old house and decorated with Elvis photos, album and record labels, posters, and even gum wrappers. He was divorced by his wife because of these peculiar obsession collections of his beloved idol.

Rodolfo Vasquez Beatles Memorabilia Collector

Rodolfo Vasquez, Largest collections of Beatles Memorabilia

10) Imelda Marcos Shoes Collections

Imelda Marcos Three Thousand pair of shoes collections

Imelda Marcos Shoes Collection

Imelda Marcos Shoes gallery

Imelda Marcos, the former Philippine First Lady of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Her collections of three thousand pairs of shoes and expensive jewelries became the most controversial collections of Philippine history.

Imelda Marcos Jeweleries Collections

Imelda Marcos' Jewelry collections

Imelda Marcos collection of Jewelries

Imelda Marcos Diamond- Scorpion pin

11) Perfume Bottle Collections

Perfume Bottle collections

Peculiar Perfume Collections

Fascinating Perfume collections

Forbidden Rose Perfume by Avril Lavigne

12) Padlock or Lock Collections

Latch Lock, a peculiar collections

Crossbar lock

Cabin Hook Latch lock, weird collection

Chinese Lock and Key in early 20th century, Yunnan Province, China

Master padlock

Medieval Lock in Kathmandu

Window Latch Lock

Key Collections

Lock and Key collections

Car Keys collections

Old keys collections

The most weird collections of vintage locks and keys.

13) Squid and Octopus Collections

Ocean Squid collections

Octopus with three-headed dragon set

Octopus in a spaceship

Kraken attack Lego set

Black Kraken Monster

Pacific Giant Octopus

Funny Octopus

Red Squid stuff toy

Squid toy

Ethan, a 6 year-old awesome boy from North Carolina loves collecting squid and octopus figures, from toys, pictures, and stuff toys. He is so fascinated with these weird collections. And he also loves collecting exotic animal pets.

14)Old coins or paper money collections

Flowing Hair Dollar coins

Double Eagle Con 1933 collection

Ceylon Colonial coins

1964 Australian silver coins collections

coins collection

Paper Money collections

1928 10 dollar, US currency old paper money

1940's Japanese paper money collections

Paper Money bills from different countries

15) Matchboxes and Matchbooks Collections

Czechoslovakia matchbox

Matchbox from Morocco

Matchbook (open)

Old Matchbooks collections

vintage matchbook collections

16) Knives Collections

MT Hawk Scarab knife

Ballistic Knife

Conversion Gravity knife

Butterfly Knives or Balisong (famous in Batangas, Philippines)

Finnish outdoor utility-kinfe

Rambo Knives collection

Rambo peculiar set of knives collections

17) Peculiar Globe Collections

1770 German Celestial Globe

1954 Celestial Globe

1491-1493 Globe of Edapfel of Martin Beheim, oldest terrestial globe

Raised Relief World Globe

Vintage globes Collections

18)  Scary, Creepy Dolls Collections

Chuckie, the horrifying doll

Chuckie Doll

Scary doll, peculair collections

scary white lady doll

Scary Monster Doll

creepy porcelain doll collections

Scary and creepy dolls

I can’t imagine these scary dolls collections inside my bedroom, staring at me. But, there are collectors who is really fascinated with these peculiar scary dolls collections.

19)Vintage Telephone Units collections

desk set telephone

Black-Nondial Candlestick model

Electric Model telephone 1937

Western Electric 201 Wall phone

Mobile Phones

Motorola mobile phone 1983

1997 t0 2003 mobile and handy phones in Japan

GSM mobile phones 1991

Nokia analog mobile

Nokia 5110, released in 1998

Nokia 3210, 1999 model

Nokia 3310 2000

These old mobile collections may be funny to some, because of the new iPhones, Touch-screen mobiles and many more new models.

20) Exotic pets Collections

Exotic corn snake (

Exotic Pet monkey

Exotic lizard

Tarantula pet

Whistling or Barking Spider

Ivory Collections

Ivory figurine

Ivory Geisha girl

Ivory from a Walrus tusk

Ivory ceremonial masks in Yupik, Alaska

Ivory carved from Elephant tusks , Iran

Music Box Collections

Light Blue Carousel Music Box

Pink Music Box

Monkey music box


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